Granbelm Episode 7

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hmmmm … girls and their emotions. I guess they’re just human. I personally don’t like men lol … or lets just say I don’t like my anime guys lol. When I watch anime and I see girls in it, it puts my heart at peace. On the other hand, there are other aspect of girls I hate … those part of the girls that do not like me or accept me the way I accept/ like them lol. But hey, I’m probably just being selfish lol

This anime makes me realize that the world of girls is serious. Some girls change of the better when you defeat them and some girls change for the worst when you do. Some have pure and some have dark emotions – all are strong.

Now, this is starting to look like a proper shoujo anime. You see, if this was a shonen, then you would see the strength progression of the men. But shingetsu said something, “I never worked hard to get this power”. Reminds me of how some girls are beautiful, secy and well endowed with no effort on their part, they just grow into it. One the other hand, men have to hit the guy to bring out the best part of themselves. That’s God’s curse on men saying that from the sweat of our brows, men will achieve their desires.

i rest my case … i have nothing more to rant about nor how to conclude this.

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