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i think this anime explores the world of women’s emotions. Its mecha and not merely magical because maybe there’s a systematized way of grasping women’s emotions – especially “growing up” emotions. Some are darker than the other and understanding it is important – well, kinda important but not as important as owning that emotion. The only problem with not understanding your emotions is that you may not know how to control it. Or you may control it but to understand its weaknesses. Or you may be at the top of your game and be ignorant of the “how” of how impressive you are.

I think this anime explores the hierarchy of women’s emotions and which emotion is more powerful than the other.

– emotions of wanting to get back your mother – not so powerful

– emotions of revenge against someone you thought was your friend but betrayed the friendship of no fault of her own – not so power

– emotions of helping your sister – not so powerful

– emotions of grandeur because you don’t want any more fights eg world peace- powerful, but not so powerful (well, we shall see)

– emotions that only purely or sadistically desire strength, not so powerful

however, emotions of emptiness, irrelevancy, of not being noticed, of not attention being paid to you by the good people in your world … now, that’s at the peak of the hierarchy of girl’s emotions.

I guess this anime explores the number 1 thing that girls fear the most – the fear of loneliness or inattention. That’s why it normally clicks in the girl’s brain to take pictures online, on Instagram, snapchat and the main reason they invented selfies. “Look at me” they spell. “Pay attention to me”. The girl with the pink hair (like they always us pink hair girls for this kind of things, just look at puella magic and magical neko girl (can’t remember the anime’s true name lol) – pink seems to be the ultimate feminine ache-typical color. But don’t be deceived, the girl with the black hair, her gemstone shines “pink” in the ending credit even though she’s a green-theme and the girl wit the pin hair, her gemstone is green. As said in the 1st few episodes, this is meant to represent some sort of harmonious yin yang … but picturing it the right way is important – which is primary and which is secondary and in what understanding.