My Thoughts on B: The Beginning Anime

Dead Father, Absent Father, Searching Sons – orphans, however they are made – tend to create grown-children who become dysfunctional gods with un-integrated anima.

Everyone is fighting for their anima and finally achieve it but not at the cost of revenge – but at the cost of forgiveness. Netflix normally borders on the line of neo-feminism but since a Japanese culture cannot absorb that neo-western philosophy, they go back to root-philosophy which is common to the human psyche (and of course, makes al the money, overall) … the forgiving masculine shall win (even though sometimes it does not feel like a win) …. that is the message.

But the cycle never ends … we must fight again … but now, or what? Well, that’s what season 2 is all about.

The title itself is a code no different than “Killer B” was an unknown code for 13 + 4 … this is 17 … which of course is a prime number which is also the age but 18 … the age before you’re pronounced as an adult in common society and responsible for your crimes. Not that, that means anything but I’m just trying to twist it to my suspicious juzt in case the author had some of cryptic message there.

In Numerology, while 13 is the number of bad luck, number 4 is the number of earth … the 4 corners of the earth – North East West and South. This symbolises someone who is down to earth and conscietious. So the bringing together of 13 and 4 could mean that if your willing to work at it, you can avert your bad luck.

The last crytic message is “b: the beginning” … kinda like telling us to “Be the beginning” …. the beginning of what? I believe that it means that we should be the beginning of forgiveness and reconciliation with our broken/ dead fathers. We are like orphans in this world while we are still babies but if we do not forgive, we end up loosing everything … including those who love us (like that Doctor).

As a Christian, I noticed the fact that they said something about there not being a God so I have to save myself. This is nonsense. I understand the “detailed concept” about how the bible says that I am a god but I am nothing without God.

Because Jesus forgave, I too can forgive.

Because Jesus was THAT beginning, I too can be a little beginning of forgiveness. Jesus is the “I AM THAT I AM”, that makes me the “I am THAT HE is”. Of course, I’m not referring to pantheism nor panetheism … just referring to attribtutes and character traits (not an equation on identity, no, I am not God who is the Beginning and the Ending). Because HE is my beginning, I too can be another little beginning of something virtuous such as forgiveness and never win the devil’s game of revenge.

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