Spirituality From a Christian Perspective

So I am here to write about spirituality from a Christian perspective so that I can teach it to my theological digging deeper class. I was bringing them into the realm of prophecy because I have a sermon through which I want them to understand spirituality. So that means that I will have to interweave prophecy into this: especially the prophecy of the end times.

So here I go: We have been talking about. In these end times, spirituality is essential. We have had the debate (at least, even if you do not subscribe to a which is very important, you can understand the scope of both of them. It is like asking the gender-debate question: Who is more important? Men or Women? Well? Its a very tricky question. Even if some of you do not have time for this debate question, you do understand that this is something that has been boggling the consciousness of humanity since ancient times. Howbeit, we have come with the understanding to knowing CONCEPTUAL SCOPES so that we do not falling into the fallacy called “Category Error”. Somebody go online and search “category error” and tell me what it means.

Maybe I should ask the question another way to open your understanding as to seeing “Conceptual Scope” very clearly. If I asked you a debate question: Which is more important? Mathematics or Music? Well, now you can see that Mathematics and Music do not interfere with each other in order to frustrate each other.

Someone go online and search for the meaning of the term “Mutually Exclusive“. Does anyone know what it is? “Mutually exclusive” refers to when two concepts cannot occur at the same time or together. This means that the above debate questions asked above are nothing but a “thief’s demand”. A thief demands what? He/ She demands, “Your money or your life” isn’t it? That is a false dilemma because there is no mutual exclusivity in them. Just as we can have BOTH your money and your life; BOTH Mathematics and Music, BOTH importance on Men and Women; my main point of bringing out this subject of category mistake is to show us that we can have both Logos and Rhema. Howbeit, you need to understand their unique limitations and scope. I mean, even God has limitations even though He is unlimited. This is where we start to delve in deeper in this theological digging deeper class. Maybe on Sunday when the Pastor is preaching and because we are the Pasture, she may have to use simple language and simple preaching to reach us where we are, but now we are here in theological digging deeper class so we have to really know and understand what we are saying.

  • What are the ways that God is unlimited?
  • What are the way God is limited?

UNLIMITED: God is unlimited in power, love, intelligence, in holiness etc
LIMITED: God is limited to His own nature, God cannot sin, God cannot deny His existence, God cannot stop Himself from existing etc

So we see the way that this works. It’s not simple. God is not a simple God – He is complex in their Tri-unity. Now we know that Logos helps us communicated and confirm among ourselves so that the ecclesiestal will not have any chaos or confusion. If someone comes to you with a rhema without a logos, such as someone saying to you, “God has told you to give me £1000” – the church could fall into spiritual tyranny.

Pastor operating on Rhema without logos
News about American Pastor operating on rhema without logos

You see, this is the thing that is affecting our churches nowadays. When I do online evangelism and try to get people to come back to Jesus, one of the arguments they use to reject God is very much equal to the argument they use on how certain churches function in a foolish way. So you see, ecclesiology is very important. The pastor of this church is an authority figure and we respect her for her annointing and how she pays the price every day in order to feed us the sheep of Jesus. Howbeit, when we start to understand the scope of her job and how its not just “Spirituality” alone that she is involved with, you will start to respect her even all the more for the kind of role that she performs. Apart from people intelligence in knowing how to manage people, she also needs financial intelligence to manage money and a very big one of them in our ecclesiology is social skills/ intelligence. How do you empathise with the people. When shall I speak? When shall I keep quiet? How far should I speak? What is the Holy Spirit saying right now? Now she is not asking for pity, but she is appreciative of your understanding and the privilege to be your pastor – she loves her spiritual job. She makes it look easy, and it should be easy because just because it looks like I am breaking down her role like this, each and everyone of us as parents, in our homes, the things we individually do are complex when broken down but we all make it look easy. This is how we can appreciate each other.

In the future, I am going to teach us on social intelligence in conjunction with psychology because knowing your inner biases and psychological forces (with all its unique conceptual scope and limitations) will help you to flow socially in a smart and intelligent manner.

So rhema has its limitations and logos has its limitations. How many of you know of some pastors who when they receive a rhema from the Holy Spirit, they make a further additional prayer; they say, “Holy Spirit, confirm this to me in the bible, show me where it is in the bible in Jesus’ name”. And because the Holy Spirit will not tell you anything that is not confirmed in the bible, you are safe. Is there anything in the bible that the Holy Spirit cannot confirm to you about? Well, I subscribe to this concept called “Sufficiency of Scripture” … but the debate among Christians regarding the sufficiency of scriptures is if we Christians should look for confirmation of scriptures from places that are outside of scripture. For example, the bible is sufficient to convict our conscience that smoking is bad when it tells us that our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and that we should keep our bodies clean, pure and holy. But should we be confirming scriptures using science? The bible can tell us that the universe has a beginning but should we be confirming that in astronomy with the Big Bang Theory? The bible can tell us that telling lies is bad but should we be confirming that in psychology or sociology? If you answer yes to that, then the person who answers “no” will ask you that why cherry pick from worldly confirmations? Why believe the big bang theory but not choose Darwinan Evolution theory? Does this means that if science proved that smoking was good that we will take it? Why are there some Christians who are anti-vaccine? or anti-IVF? or anti-test tube babies? are they not anti-science?

Now the reason I bring up this complicated topic is to show us the debate that is happening among those who believe in the sufficiency of scripture. Just because we subscribe to logos and we believe that the bible is NECESSARILY sufficient in all possible realities, does that make us fake Christians if we try getting sincere confirmations from elsewhere? And the keyword is “sincere”. I believe it is alright but there is that debate out there. What do you think?

So now that you understand this, we are going to talk about prophecy right now and how prophets dissect the bible. Rememeber I spoke about prophets using rhema and logos when it comes to spirituality. We are already getting some clues now but in the future I will be teaching us how to acquire rhema. Say “Acquire rhema”. But I believe that you all and the pastor can understand why I am first of all showing you logos, how we can rightly divide the word of truth from a prophetic perspective. Now I am going to use the prophetic method.

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