The Sexual Disorder of Homosexuality

Is homosexuality a mental health illness?

As a Christian, I’ve tried thinking about this for a while. I found out that saying it’s a “mental illness” does not specifically buttress why this act is “unnatural”. And even the word “natural” is still vague – open to interpretations.

Is homosexuality “natural” in terms of “nature”? Yes. In #Ethology, that is, the study of animal behaviour, we have seen other animals and insects in “nature” actually engage in homosexual acts and behaviours. But here lies the catch, isn’t this an equivalence fallacy? I mean, comparing “humans” to “animals” in this case might seem alright but this equivalence is not OUTRIGHTLY spread out to all human beings. We humans have something that animals do not have, and that is “objective morality”. Notice I said “objective” before “morality”; for even morality has been brought into question too as to what it is. By objective, I mean that there are something that are “metaphysically” immoral even if physical society suggests that it is good. For example, we humans believe that Hitler was objectively wrong no matter what ANY society believes otherwise. (If you believe otherwise, comment below and tell me why). Now that I’ve made this point, is homosexuality natural in terms of its objective objective morality?

My answer is no. But does that make it a mental health illness. I would say, “not necessarily”.
There is another set of phenomenon that can be used to explain what homosexuality is: and I believe that this falls under the scope of “PERSONALITY DISORDERS” – which may or may not be affect mental illness.

Under personality disorders is “Sexual Disorder”. But naming this as “disorder”, philosophically, we mean that there are certain OBJECTIVE ORDERS that we #expect to see in order to order ourselves in the formation of harmonious reality. You have a “penis” for a functional reason. And it biologically connects with a woman “vagina” to produce children.

(I’m sorry I’m being crass and I blush to say these things here but I mean them in purely scientific/ biological terminologies. However, culture is wiping away the social blush of these things as the transgender propaganda continues to gain power in our laws – sad, but it’s the normal. Gender identity means nothing anymore nowadays)

Now that, that order is disobeyed, then homosexuality is becomes a sexual disorder.

There are other paraphilias in sexual disorder

  • pedophilia
  • beastiality / zoophilia
  • transvestite
  • voyeurism
  • sadism
  • masochism
  • fetishism
  • exhibitionism
  • frotteurism
  • Incest

Now, culture has changed and homosexuality is not added to this list. But here is the issue – you will ALWAYS find a mental health issue (mainly degrees of borderline personality disorder) in all these paraphilia. Homosexuality should be added to this mix.

This is not to say that these people are not intelligent or self aware. Sometimes, the issue with mental health is “too much intelligence” – when the brain can think in such amazing and creative manners. There are homosexuals out there that I respect such as

  • @milo
  • @douglasMurray
  • @DaveRubin

But I am a Christian with the conscientious objection regarding the objective morality OR objective sexual order of how life should be.

People have said that “society” has a function to play in adding to the mental illness of the homosexual community. All I have is Jesus and HIS Agape love to show homosexuals while I pray that they breakaway from the sexual disorder of homosexuality.


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