In my obsession and thirst for knowledge … I wanted to study demonology.
As a Christian, I have vague ideas about it from teaching on exorcisms and a little more from the New Age Spirituality teachings but I wanted to go deeper.

I didn’t want to go into it without first getting to know “Jesus” because I feel safer there. Now I’m not gonna delve into the world of the demons without protection. Apart from getting my prayer life in order and getting my physical health life in order while mixing that with the teachings of Alchemy … I’m studying more about Carl Jung and psychology such as the works of Sigmund Freud and many other great thinkers including Jordan Peterson’s psychological classes.

Arming myself with all these … I’m excited to tap the knowledge of the world of demons (their mythologies and contemporary practices) … not necessarily practicing them etc For example, I want to know what it takes to summon a demon but NEVER in my life ever summon one lol. I just want to know how to not summon one by accident.

My thirst for knowledge moves me – it’s all such exciting things 😁. Because I believe in Jesus and trust in HIM, I can go into all these places and learn more … whoop whoop. I’m taking “know thy enemy” to a whole new Personal level lol #RestHard

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Bishop Gregory of Nissan was the first person to institutionally protest slavery quoting all humans as the “image of God” around 370AD.

Imagine you were walking down a certain alley way and you saw and old lady walking in the evening with purse in her hand filled with money and precious jewels. Imagine with me in this archetypical thought experiment that in this location and time,

– it was legal (or there was no law) stopping you from taking her purse

– she could never resist you. She won’t even feel a thing

– she can’t even remember or recognise you so she cane report you not identify you to the police

Would you take it from her? If yes… then you’re a criminal but if no, continue with me with this moral thought experiment.

Do you choose not to take the purse from her because

(1) it is a shameful thing to prey on the weak? You will loose face with yourself for you being so weak to only prey on the weak… there is no honour or pride in that.

(2) she may need the money. She may be in trouble and want to use that money to pay for something life-changing and she will feel sad and distraught when she finds out that it is gone

(3) some other reason

Here’s the point I’m trying to make. Most cultures of the past, including the pre-British Anglo-Saxon had a (1) honour based culture. The Christian monks care over and the Pre-British didn’t understand it because the monks came over with their (2) Love morality culture. As you can see, the honour based culture didn’t win and we still have the love-based culture here today.

This is what I am trying to tell you… I don’t care who you are or where you have come from… I don’t care if you’re even an atheist … the deal is … if you live in the culture of England (or the west in general) … your whole psychology, from the subconscious to the conscious, has been shaped and will always be shaped by Christianity.

The Christian morality of a God who unconditionally and lovingly sacrifices HIMSELF for the sins of others (even HIS enemies) … but doesn’t just stop there … but moves one step further to rise from that death and conserve us till the day of eternal life/ goodness … has spread historically through out the whole world like a virus… and I don’t see it going anywhere else soon.


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So glad that the Scotland Referendum voted to remain part of the UK. It would be hell if we started competing with Scotland. Plus we have too many family and loved ones in Scotland. If they were operating under different legislations than us, then we in England would not like it.

I would also like to see the Whole of Ireland come in and join the UK. However, there is something “far” about Ireland (especially south Ireland) when relating to England/ UK. We keep loosing touch with them.

I believe if Northern Ireland and the Economic Republic Of Ireland come together, then Norther Ireland will be wealthier.
#LetsDiscuss – what do you think about this?

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I am really happy about the privatisation of the Northern Rail.
They may have had many cancellations and changes to their timetables but they are in the first stages of iterating their conservative energies to invest and re-invest in their privatised business.

What? You think they just take the money and eat all the profits without investing it in better rails, better jobs etc? Naah… they invest it over and over again. When it comes to government owned businesses, no one cares if they make a loss. As long as it works. Only the tax payer’s money are affected. And bribery and corruption could easily happen. We’ve seen this over and over again for government owned businesses where stakeholders’ hearts are not in it. #RestHard

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England is conservative-majority.
Poverty in the UK is at a record low.
You see what happens when conservative-economy principles are enacted?

This is my formula… only when you conserve can you be empowered to be liberal. Brexit has made us poorer relative to our neighbouring countries and other countries round the world. But it has made us more self-sustaining, more reserved/ conservative, more nationalistic.

Rightism is winning no matter how much leftism is crying. #RestHard

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Anyone know that the Palestinians have been peacefully protesting against Israel for the last 9 weeks?

I say “peacefully” loosely because that is what they claim to be doing. But this is not what they are actually doing. You don’t call throwing stones and throwing rockets “Peaceful”. If Palestinians had guns and more sophisticated weapons, then they would have had a “peaceful” war with Israel and “peaceful” slaughtering of all of Israel’s people and children.

Now I’m not saying who’s right and who’s wrong in this “peaceful” protest. But GIVE ME A BREAK! Israel has extended the peace treaty of a two-state solution to Palestinians over and over again for a very long time but the Palestinians won’t sign it or agree to it. But what you see is a people who don’t want to improve their own economy/ nationality. Rather, they cry for foreign aid from gullible charities in the UK who end up funding their Hollywood dramatised fake sufferings (that’s to the White Helmets).

But it’s not just that they rely on foreigners and Iran (especially rich Muslims) to fund their victimhood but it’s the fact that they think that their national identity must be derivative of Israel. GIVE ME A BREAK! Where is your pride as a Palestinian? Who has been lying to you when israel can prove over and over again to he UN hat it LEGALLY bought their lands from greedy Palestinians at an over inflated and unfair price?

If you’re a Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, Homosexual or a combination of all those features, do you know that you can live and get educated in israel at a much higher and better standard of living than in Palestine? The Palestinians can fund their rockets, they can fund their victimhood, they can fund their hate but when was the last time they funded their own economy to become better?

When was the last time they funded their culture to improve and allow homosexuals, Christians, atheists etc … to live peacefully in their own boarders? When?

These are a shameless set of people who pretend to want to better their lives but are turning their faces to Israel and their backs on their national futures. Many Palestinians who want to be footballers cannot now because in protest, Israel shot their legs.

They are also a bitter set of people with unforgiveness in their hearts. Forgiveness does not mean that Israel is right. Forgiveness means that Israel does not have to live in your brain rent-free. Forgiveness does not free israel; forgiveness frees you. These are a set of hateful people who don’t obey Allah who’s message is that of love, and forgiveness (😂 – not really, but they’d like to think that).

Not matter how much you wanna blame israel; one thing stands true – ISRAEL HAS A RIGHT TO DEFEND ITSELF.

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Michael Eric Dyson disgusts me after seeing his debate with Jordan Peterson, Stephen Fry and Michelle Goldburg.

There are some African Americans who find it alright to hate and criticise the white man based on the colour of their skin and yet think that it’s not racist. This is stupid.

Jordan Peterson made me proud. The days are coming, and mark my words, that white men will have to start looking at Black Men square in the eyes with firm gentleness and matured respect and tell hem NEVER to discriminate them on their group-identity.

Michael disgusts me – seriously. Thinking that the victimhood race card is always going to win? Pathetic. People like Michael don’t understand what the word “Trade” is in “Slave Trade”. Has it not entered his brain that many African sold out their own people? I for example, I’m ethnically a Nigerian and I’ve read about the disgusting practices happening in Nigeria about contemporary slavery.

Why are these African Americans not directing their hate towards Africa too? Woah! Because they cannot distinguish between who was the Slave trader and who was the Slave? Lazy people.

And what makes it worse is that Michael is also a preacher – a Christian Baptist Pastor. This is disgusting. Jesus came to break down all these racial divides and we are “unforgiveness” and “bitterness” brewing in his attitude. I’m proud that Jordan stood for his individualised identity and not his group identity as a “white man”. And for every other white man or man who stands for their individualised identity rather than falling in racial categorical rhetorics, you have my respect.


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Gibraltar and it’s anti-abortion Laws will fail.
You have a Government who even talking about abortion could lead you to police involvement.

Is Gibraltar is not educating its people?
Is Gibraltar giving incentives and celebrating women who choose #ProLife?
Is Gilbraltar adding philosophical rationality to it’s catholic motivations?

Let’s hope they’re doing this because we didn’t learn from legalising homosexuality and legalising porn. These people need “engagement”, “counselling” and they need to be “celebrated” for doing the right thing.

I am prolife, if prochoice was ok why don’t we show how the bloody termination of babies in the womb takes place? Eh! Why don’t we show everyone the glories of our legal psychopathy? Wouldn’t you like to see it? It’s just meat … blobs and blobs of meat isn’t it? If not, I think our own moral conscience betrays us and we become hypocrites.

There is a campaign there to usurp the prolife legal nature of that place. Pray that Gibraltar engages with its culture and puts pride back into it legal prolife-ness.

PRAYER: My God Jesus, help Gibraltar, YOU weep when children are aborted, these people want to uphold YOUR utopia moral standards; save them from the devil, the spirit of death, and make them continually prolife in YOUR powerful Name. Amen


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So I’m studying these things to give what 3rd wave feminists want and open mind. This is a matriachy culture and here are things I seem to find about femininity that rules. That is not to say it’s a bad thing. It’s to show what happens when femininity (not to be confused with mere females – but I mean the attribute called “femininity”) rules.

– it feels like going back in time. It doesn’t feel progressive as opposed to patriarchal cultures
– however it shows that women and family are more satisfied and less fussy (like how angry 3rd wave feminists and their pussy-hats protest). Women don’t need much to be happy as long as they have their way and each other as a community
– … but they are also so tired at the same time. Maybe that’s what we need nowadays… more tired feminists who don’t have too much time on their hands to protest. The men just sit at home and are not entirely responsible. Sounds like heaven to me 😜
– sadly, the men don’t commit and are promiscuous.
– Matriarchy creates single mother’s or housewives rather than the national leaders that patriarchy has created.
– it leads to tribalism and less openness/ tolerance of behaviours that may destroy tradition. It understandable in the psychology of a mother bear. The mother bear is compassionate to her cubs and everyone says, “awww…” but no one ever looks on the other side of the compassion of the mother bear. On the other side lies a vicious anger with which she will tear you to pieces if you tried to take away her cubs.
– the young women look frustrated and want out while the young men want to come back and support society. This is a negetive feedback loop and it means Matriarchy will destroy itself if all the females are running away from it. There goes goodbye to my lazy lifestyle chance 😭😭😭

These are just a few lessons learnt from these. If you women want Matriarchy or a fundamental gender equality, please do it and take away my burdens … oops… I mean, come and enjoy what it really means to be a man 😁😁😁. Women in the West have it good lol. They have no idea 😂😂😂 #RestHard

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