My Thoughts on B: The Beginning Anime

Dead Father, Absent Father, Searching Sons – orphans, however they are made – tend to create grown-children who become dysfunctional gods with un-integrated anima.

Everyone is fighting for their anima and finally achieve it but not at the cost of revenge – but at the cost of forgiveness. Netflix normally borders on the line of neo-feminism but since a Japanese culture cannot absorb that neo-western philosophy, they go back to root-philosophy which is common to the human psyche (and of course, makes al the money, overall) … the forgiving masculine shall win (even though sometimes it does not feel like a win) …. that is the message.

But the cycle never ends … we must fight again … but now, or what? Well, that’s what season 2 is all about.

The title itself is a code no different than “Killer B” was an unknown code for 13 + 4 … this is 17 … which of course is a prime number which is also the age but 18 … the age before you’re pronounced as an adult in common society and responsible for your crimes. Not that, that means anything but I’m just trying to twist it to my suspicious juzt in case the author had some of cryptic message there.

In Numerology, while 13 is the number of bad luck, number 4 is the number of earth … the 4 corners of the earth – North East West and South. This symbolises someone who is down to earth and conscietious. So the bringing together of 13 and 4 could mean that if your willing to work at it, you can avert your bad luck.

The last crytic message is “b: the beginning” … kinda like telling us to “Be the beginning” …. the beginning of what? I believe that it means that we should be the beginning of forgiveness and reconciliation with our broken/ dead fathers. We are like orphans in this world while we are still babies but if we do not forgive, we end up loosing everything … including those who love us (like that Doctor).

As a Christian, I noticed the fact that they said something about there not being a God so I have to save myself. This is nonsense. I understand the “detailed concept” about how the bible says that I am a god but I am nothing without God.

Because Jesus forgave, I too can forgive.

Because Jesus was THAT beginning, I too can be a little beginning of forgiveness. Jesus is the “I AM THAT I AM”, that makes me the “I am THAT HE is”. Of course, I’m not referring to pantheism nor panetheism … just referring to attribtutes and character traits (not an equation on identity, no, I am not God who is the Beginning and the Ending). Because HE is my beginning, I too can be another little beginning of something virtuous such as forgiveness and never win the devil’s game of revenge.

The Sexual Disorder of Homosexuality

Is homosexuality a mental health illness?

As a Christian, I’ve tried thinking about this for a while. I found out that saying it’s a “mental illness” does not specifically buttress why this act is “unnatural”. And even the word “natural” is still vague – open to interpretations.

Is homosexuality “natural” in terms of “nature”? Yes. In #Ethology, that is, the study of animal behaviour, we have seen other animals and insects in “nature” actually engage in homosexual acts and behaviours. But here lies the catch, isn’t this an equivalence fallacy? I mean, comparing “humans” to “animals” in this case might seem alright but this equivalence is not OUTRIGHTLY spread out to all human beings. We humans have something that animals do not have, and that is “objective morality”. Notice I said “objective” before “morality”; for even morality has been brought into question too as to what it is. By objective, I mean that there are something that are “metaphysically” immoral even if physical society suggests that it is good. For example, we humans believe that Hitler was objectively wrong no matter what ANY society believes otherwise. (If you believe otherwise, comment below and tell me why). Now that I’ve made this point, is homosexuality natural in terms of its objective objective morality?

My answer is no. But does that make it a mental health illness. I would say, “not necessarily”.
There is another set of phenomenon that can be used to explain what homosexuality is: and I believe that this falls under the scope of “PERSONALITY DISORDERS” – which may or may not be affect mental illness.

Under personality disorders is “Sexual Disorder”. But naming this as “disorder”, philosophically, we mean that there are certain OBJECTIVE ORDERS that we #expect to see in order to order ourselves in the formation of harmonious reality. You have a “penis” for a functional reason. And it biologically connects with a woman “vagina” to produce children.

(I’m sorry I’m being crass and I blush to say these things here but I mean them in purely scientific/ biological terminologies. However, culture is wiping away the social blush of these things as the transgender propaganda continues to gain power in our laws – sad, but it’s the normal. Gender identity means nothing anymore nowadays)

Now that, that order is disobeyed, then homosexuality is becomes a sexual disorder.

There are other paraphilias in sexual disorder

  • pedophilia
  • beastiality / zoophilia
  • transvestite
  • voyeurism
  • sadism
  • masochism
  • fetishism
  • exhibitionism
  • frotteurism
  • Incest

Now, culture has changed and homosexuality is not added to this list. But here is the issue – you will ALWAYS find a mental health issue (mainly degrees of borderline personality disorder) in all these paraphilia. Homosexuality should be added to this mix.

This is not to say that these people are not intelligent or self aware. Sometimes, the issue with mental health is “too much intelligence” – when the brain can think in such amazing and creative manners. There are homosexuals out there that I respect such as

  • @milo
  • @douglasMurray
  • @DaveRubin

But I am a Christian with the conscientious objection regarding the objective morality OR objective sexual order of how life should be.

People have said that “society” has a function to play in adding to the mental illness of the homosexual community. All I have is Jesus and HIS Agape love to show homosexuals while I pray that they breakaway from the sexual disorder of homosexuality.


The Trojan Horse – Ep. 2: Radical Subjectivity | Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay, Michael O’Fallon

As a black guy, and I hate the fact that I have to start this sentence with “as a black guy” … as privilege is being bestowed on me by saying that – but some certain kind of racist people’s brains are not convinced until I say it like this. But I’m trying very hard not to play their racist intelligentsia game.

As a human, i believe that what these people are saying is true and correct over their discussion on identity politics

Stupid YouTube is scanning comments now … i bet they cannot EASILY delete my comments as they would if a white guy said the same thing. Gosh! Imagine if a white guy started his statement with “as a white guy”… this culture is insane and YouTube is insane… this is why something big is coming to pull YouTube down. They have sown the seeds of hatred among conservatives and if not us, then our children, or our children’s children. They, censoring conservatives, is not gong to end well for them. This is history repeating itself again. Conservatives known how business work. Conservatives know how algorithms works. COnservatives know how marketting works and how to twist people’s emotions, “for a while”. until we have our way and we have TRUE freedom of speech. Conservatives know how to “play this game” of making YouTube continue to ban people so that YouTube continues to sow the seeds of hatred to their own demise. We will do it – conservatives are competitive wolves and YouTube has insulted us. They will get what is coming their way – the deterioration of an empire. I dont care if they try to change in the future to “sweeten” their deal – what’s done is done – they dont deserve a 200th chance.


Tim Pool | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 48

well, i just had to watch the whole thing.
seeing two grown up adults who disagree but yet can have a civilised discussion – bigtech companies ARE MAKING US WORSE with their censorship.
there is a wise proverb; a demon seen is better than a demon unseen.

because with the seen-demon, you can plan … you can see it coming and prepare, you can call out for help; you can cry out to Jesus to rescue you … before it actually happens.

When bigtech companies hide the allegorical demons of “another person’s horrible opinion” … bigtech companies FAIL TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE
Shame on them and their intellectually deficient good-intentions.
Shame on bigtech

Glenn Beck’s best joke of the day, “When Ben Shapiro is alt-right, sign me up I guess”. It’s clown world with all these fake-news media. Did you hear of the economist in the UK name Ben Shapiro “alt-right”? Shame on them. Mainstream Journalism is dead. More like Lamestream Journalism. The lie spreads faster than the apologies for the news companies strategising the unfair (and evil) character assassination of a good man. Shame on the economist.


The War on Sensemaking, Daniel Schmachtenberger

People are favoring noise (feelings) over facts – when it is the true balance of this that we need.People keep using low-resolution thinking because our education system, since it became more and more secularized, is educating our young ones into stupidity. We need to put a healthy discussion back into existentialism and metaphysics and make people think about thinking so that they come in contact with their daemons or shadow-self and avoid being brainwashed.I mean that we need to bring back God into our education.logic alone cannot arrive at morality.Morality alone cannot arrive at virtues such as love in the heart, kindness virtues alone cannot arrive at wisdom
we need a harmonious, multi-faceted, rabbit-hole discussion so that we can bridge consciousness into empathy and make the “world of man” (not entirely the same as “the world” or “the earth”) into a better place.

Granbelm Episode 7

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hmmmm … girls and their emotions. I guess they’re just human. I personally don’t like men lol … or lets just say I don’t like my anime guys lol. When I watch anime and I see girls in it, it puts my heart at peace. On the other hand, there are other aspect of girls I hate … those part of the girls that do not like me or accept me the way I accept/ like them lol. But hey, I’m probably just being selfish lol

This anime makes me realize that the world of girls is serious. Some girls change of the better when you defeat them and some girls change for the worst when you do. Some have pure and some have dark emotions – all are strong.

Now, this is starting to look like a proper shoujo anime. You see, if this was a shonen, then you would see the strength progression of the men. But shingetsu said something, “I never worked hard to get this power”. Reminds me of how some girls are beautiful, secy and well endowed with no effort on their part, they just grow into it. One the other hand, men have to hit the guy to bring out the best part of themselves. That’s God’s curse on men saying that from the sweat of our brows, men will achieve their desires.

i rest my case … i have nothing more to rant about nor how to conclude this.

Granbelm Episode 6


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i think this anime explores the world of women’s emotions. Its mecha and not merely magical because maybe there’s a systematized way of grasping women’s emotions – especially “growing up” emotions. Some are darker than the other and understanding it is important – well, kinda important but not as important as owning that emotion. The only problem with not understanding your emotions is that you may not know how to control it. Or you may control it but to understand its weaknesses. Or you may be at the top of your game and be ignorant of the “how” of how impressive you are.

I think this anime explores the hierarchy of women’s emotions and which emotion is more powerful than the other.

– emotions of wanting to get back your mother – not so powerful

– emotions of revenge against someone you thought was your friend but betrayed the friendship of no fault of her own – not so power

– emotions of helping your sister – not so powerful

– emotions of grandeur because you don’t want any more fights eg world peace- powerful, but not so powerful (well, we shall see)

– emotions that only purely or sadistically desire strength, not so powerful

however, emotions of emptiness, irrelevancy, of not being noticed, of not attention being paid to you by the good people in your world … now, that’s at the peak of the hierarchy of girl’s emotions.

I guess this anime explores the number 1 thing that girls fear the most – the fear of loneliness or inattention. That’s why it normally clicks in the girl’s brain to take pictures online, on Instagram, snapchat and the main reason they invented selfies. “Look at me” they spell. “Pay attention to me”. The girl with the pink hair (like they always us pink hair girls for this kind of things, just look at puella magic and magical neko girl (can’t remember the anime’s true name lol) – pink seems to be the ultimate feminine ache-typical color. But don’t be deceived, the girl with the black hair, her gemstone shines “pink” in the ending credit even though she’s a green-theme and the girl wit the pin hair, her gemstone is green. As said in the 1st few episodes, this is meant to represent some sort of harmonious yin yang … but picturing it the right way is important – which is primary and which is secondary and in what understanding.

Granbelm – Shonen Mecha for the Shoujos X


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“Give me a moon to suck on with mt straw” – is the crazy thing my mind said after seeing the moon in this plot. This morning, watching anime, I’m a bit off.

This might be a shoujo – shoujos seem to be going the way of the shonen – why would they have a mecha robot here then? I mean, come on ladies – it has been repeated through out history the sexual-cultural appropriation and hence, blur of women on men’s stuff.

In English old history, men wore wigs, then women started wearing wigs

men used to wear makeup, then women started wearing makeups

(Scottish) men used to wear short skirts (kilts) then women now wear short skirts

men used to wear trousers, not women now want to start wearing trousers

Some psychologists call this penis-envy. Heck, I’ve even had girlfriends that want to wear my own clothes. And heck! they looked really attractive doing that. What is up with women? They always want the best of men’s world while maintaining theirs leaving men with nothing ut to further evolve and find, yet another manly sexual (or gender) culture that women will yet again appropriate to themselves. What is it with women or the feminine with always trying to blur out men’s gender or sexuality. Is it because women eat men up? or swallow them whole? I’m speaking symbolically of that the man’s sexual organ disappears into the woman’s sexual organ but I’m trying to keep it PG-13 lol. Or is it because women give birth to both men and women? I dont know.#

I’m just a bit left apprehended by this one-sided gender priviledge of women over men – it seems like we do not have a fair level playing ground here and I dont know if to complain about it or if to find it attractive as heaven lol. Becasue now, we have this anime which tries to capture the mecha genre, which is predominately shonen and aapropriate it into a shoujo. Magical Shoujo girls are suppose to be shoujos but it seems like more and more girls are less believeing in magic and more in technology. I don’t know what to think about it – its just my observation. I’m not saying that women should stay in their lane … im just making an observation. If I a male/ manly/  shonen anime behaving in a very girly way – such as making boys transform in sexy ways  into magical boys … kinda like that zombie anime (i cant remember its name) but it had appeal to men as the guy hated it, was embarrassed by it and he eventually got all the girls. But if this was made to seem natural … no guy would want to watch it (except for outright gay guys who like boku no pico – blot it out of my memory please).

Lastly, there are those cute girls who will take a little offense to this saying, “What a man can do, a woman can” and some will add “better” to the end of that quote; while some thinking “better” will keep silent on the basis of trying to sound more genderly equal. Well, ok, cool, I’m not complaining. And I know that men are free to start dressing in drags – oops, I mean, women’s clothes (lol … why does culture celebratorily even call it drags, lol – dont blame me, even the drag guys (i mean, lady-men) celebratorily call it drags too without complaining). I’m just saying that women have an affinity to appropriate men and manliness and that is not necessarily such a bad thing. But this toxic femininity disrespect of men from this normed-gender appropriating Neo-feminists has to stop. You wont see a drag-man insulting a women. In fact, it is apparently evident that it is becasue they love, cherish and respect women that they appropriate women’s clothing and makeups.

We are all humans, we love one another – it is natural to appropriate as much as possible, the ones that you love. Most men, if they could appropriate the preganacies of their loved women into their own wombs, so that women wouldnt have to go through all that pain (kinda like the alien man in Doctor who lol), we would.

I don’t know why I wrote all these rants. I guess it just had to come out somehow lol

Stay Blessed


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This anime got me sobbing – especially the words of the ending song. I recently lost a very good friend. Kinda like a best friend and we’re not talking anymore. I feel bad. Our friendship may never happen again … and that music just hit home for me.

but this anime also made me strangely satisfied with life. There is always justice. The characters had complex roles and there was mercy for the “savior” who was acting like a pansy. He was indecisive, yet kind. There have been times I have been indecisive and I’ve just being insulted for being less than an alpha male. I mean, it wasn’t said straight to my face, but now, in retrospect, I can confidently define the situation as that. There was Grace and mercy in this anime for the pansy kid. He was free to fight or to not-fight, even in the heat of battle – not one was relying on him, yet everyone was relying on him to pick a side. He took his time until his moral judgements were sure.

There were times when this was not afforded me, I thank God. And there were times when this was afforded me – i still thank God nonetheless.

Maheeda Knocking on the Sexual Liberation Walls of Nigeria

This music has too much rebellion in it hahahaha … I don’t know what to think or even if I can start breaking this down. For one, Maheeda should be praised for being brave to go against many social norms in mainstream social media … I think she went too far because as a poet or artist, she’s missing the point in expressing many (Nigerian) human experiences – she is getting somewhere and I hope to see more truer human experience music from her in the future.

This music only seemed to glorify her … well… im sure she’s humble in person as she is beautiful … but the normal emotional person trying to connect with the emotions of this music will not look at the real-Maheeda who may be humble in real-life … i personally don’t see that. But what I want to see is Maheeda connect to the normal Nigerian person’s experience. Now… do Nigerian girls from lagos who are in other countries also harbor the feelings in this video? Well… yes, they might. Those Nigerian girls in UK and USA? sure they might. But they want to be sang about … not Maheeda turning herself into an archetype.

But Maheeda carries a different spirit in this video. A spirit to make a statement. To glorify herself (and yes, I have to use this language to express what I see) while trying to break down the already crumbing wall of traditional sexual decency in Nigeria – probably the last thing on many Nigerian minds. I’m sure men don’t care … they want women to show us what they’ve been hiding between their two legs all this time – its just the way men are. But by doing this, women loose their only bargaining chip to keep men accountable and responsible (because women are finding themselves in a new age of exposure where promiscuity is almost promoted – our women need prayers).
It is a mistake to say that Maheeda cares for men … she doesn’t. It is the attention that she wants. If she cared for men, she would go the extra mile by taking responsibility for making thousands of men horny and let them have sex with her … well … she has been there and done that. But that is not enough … men need more. If she cannot take responsibility, then she has to stop being sexually liberal. Well, if not, the sexual frustration turns in to norm, the norm turns into sexual desensitization. Sexual desensitization turns into low birth rates … and a host of many other problems and baggage that come with the fire called sex.

Stay blessed Maheeda. I know you had your flare about you but I see the hand of God upon you. I know that God is still going to use you for great things but you’ve got to find a God fearing mentor and let God make you Holy-by-faith. I’m praying for you beautiful beloved. The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is with you. Stay blessed