A woman who looses her baby
A pregnancy birthing the dead
In her hands she must hold the bundle
And reconcile labour’s fruit in hand

So must be for cryers of pain
Those who troth to life’s domain
You must hold your losses to gain
In faith that all was not in vain

– Ernest A. Adewoyin


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In 2018, Saudi Arabia, the nation that tightly emulates the best model/ pattern of example for the whole world – Prophet Muhammad – was able to allow women to enter a stadium WITH men for the #FirstTime in history … this is progress, everyone is overjoyed.

I have no problem with gender segregation, the stupid #NewFeminism movement in the #GeneralWest is already doing that just fine by its own collective freewill. And there are also beautiful and sexy #OldFeminists and #Masculinists who also opt in for gender segregation such as
– Different Male and Female Toilets
– Different Male and Female Locker rooms
– Different Male and Female Fitness Performance Criteria to join the military
– Different Male and Female Schools
– Different Male and Females Clubs/ Association
– Different Male and Female Sports
– Different Male and Female Generalised Job Roles (e.g., a pregnant woman asking to be seen by a woman doctor/ nurse)
– Different Male and Female Clothing

I can go all and all with how Gender Segregation takes place in the General West, Gender has never been Fluid (#GenderFluidity) and how people who try to merely use that argument against #IslamicCountries haven’t just thought of their argument properly.

Surely, when people in the General West look at Saudi Arabia, they think it’s odd that they segregate their women from their men in far too many places but we do the same thing too … it’s just a Brute Fact of life and culture in this century.

The argument should rather be exposed as to the TRUE INTENT as to who Gender Segregation takes place.

– in the General West, Gender Segregation takes places as a result of #respect wrapped in #MoralDecency to the opposite sex no matter how much we deny it.

– in Islamic Countries like Saudi Arabia, Gender Segregation takes place because Prophet Muhammad made women of less value (worth half) to men’s value (#MaleSupremacy) wrapped in moral decency to the opposite sex no matter how much they deny it.

It is only thanks to our #prayers as Christians and the continuous onslaught of Christian missionary spy infiltration and campaigns in Saudi Arabia why we are seeing a LOT of #FirstTime #HistoryMaking in the Fundamental #WomensRights to do certain things as equally as men. e.g. Remember the protest that women should be allowed to drive just like me? Now, they can enter stadiums as equally as men, with the men. I wonder what else women in Saudi Arabia would be allowed to do as #EQUALLY as men, with men, in the future as we continue our constant spiritual prayers, physical stealth missionary work in Saudi Arabia and Governmental/ Political Pressures for all sides as we poison their poisonous cultural mentality with our General Western Christian-rooted mindset.

I’m not against Gender Segregation, I’m against gender segregation for stupid reasons. These are facts I am willing to defend with more facts because #logical facts don’t care #emotional feelings.


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C. S. Lewis was right in noting that some kinds knowledge cannot be acquired on hear-say or in theory alone; that there is a kind of knowledge that comes from experience. (Ask for quote)

The story of Abraham – Christian Title: the Father of Faith – climbing up the mountain to sacrifice his son due to Elohim’s testing commands. There exists a tendency for people standing outside the river to generalise fishes saying, “All Fishes are the same.” Most of us reading that previous logic think, “that’s absurd! Not all fishes are the same.” And you rightly say so. You fully recognise that anyone who believes that all fishes are the same are either ignorant (having never interacted with the understanding and research of fishes), is either a blatant liar or sadly self deluded. And surely, many will recognise that not all religions are not the same and likewise reason that not all religious ideologies and doctrines are the same.

And when it comes to the realisation that the “Doctrine of Faith” from one religion to the other is completely different, many Atheists, for example, tend to categorise “faith” in a Hasty Generalisation Fallacy defining faith as believing in things #WithoutEvidence. Now that may be true for many other religion and not Christianity. Let Christian Doctrine speak for itself:

Hebrews 11:1 – Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen.

Can I have evidence of things I have never seen? Yes, in science, we call it “forensic science” which is a scientific methodology used in criminology and archaeology. Guess why the scientific method historically grew and was birthed and continued to flourish from the back drop mental mindset/ psyche and pop-culture of a highly Christian-rooted culture? Because we walk by Christina-based-faith and not by sight. It is the fundamental mental axiom of
– psychology
– sociology
– philosophy
– science
– morality
– metaphysics
– historicity etc

Others may have similar words for faith and may have practiced it in their culture. Such words include … following the trends, experimentation, coherent laws of logic, existentialism, postulate etc Christian-based-faith is a philosophical theory of truth.

Now back to ABRAHAM and C. S. Lewis and with what I introduced initially. Many times, as human beings, it is impossible to see, know and understand why God will allow some problems, troubles and testing times in your life…. and God can be trusted to be a good God. You see, while Abraham was walking up the mountain to obey God and to sacrifice his son, the substitute ram was walking on the other side of the mountain according to this narrative from bible-story. Christian-Based faith is like following the testing commands/ instructions and believing that the outcome will be good.

Consider all the problems you have… #TrustGod for #OnlyJesusSaves. #RestHard

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The exact effect of the prayers is not clear, but what is clear is that your prayers are heard by God. Your prayers matter. They make a difference because of their high potential to move God.

It is an impersonal, emotionless FACT that most of Muslims prayers to Allah are repetitious rant excerpts from their “holy” books. Why? This might be partly due to the Muslim’s fear and reverence towards their their concept of Allah. The highest epitome of ultimate being according to Islamic ideology that of a #SlaveMaster. Yes, Allah is the Master and we are the slaves.

So, while it is possible for a Muslim, in conversation/ social interaction to possesses all the similitude to lowliness, humility, meekness, agreeableness – as a slave would act; it is definitely filtered through a lens of trying to achieve ultimate being. I agree with #OprahWinfery when she said that the core reason for spirituality is for individuals to achieve the highest expression of their identity. Such an odyssey comes with the feat of ultimate meaning, purpose, morality and destination (kinda like the 4 causes of Saint Thomas Acquinas). And yes, it is an impersonal and emotionless factual ideology that the perfect example/ model for emulation is #ProphetMuhammad, who we all know was also a #SlaveDriver. Now there are many who find it difficult to judge islam on its own merit and find it a justifiable method to engage in Tu Quoque in comparison to Christianity (especially since I, the author of this factual and emotionless #FreeSpeech, am a Christian). And yes, Christianity ideology possessing a doctrine of the treatment of slaves. However, the treatment of Christian slaves are very far in similitude from Muslim slaves. During he growing concern of gang crimes in London, a few other people decided to form gangs to engage in role modelling and kinship interaction with other violent gangs. There are gangs and there are gangs – not all gangs are the same. Likewise, there are slavery doctrines and there are slavery doctrines – I beg to present that both slavery for the ideology of Christianity and the ideology is Islam are different for those who will endeavour to research and find out. (Just ask me if you wanna know).

So… I the humble face (i.e., psychology) of a Muslims lies the only example they have seen on the highest expression treatment of others … like a #SlaveMaster. Hence, the reason for the brilliant and twisted implementation of #FundamentalVictimology of the majority of Muslims in #General pop-culture from the #PoliticalLeft to look humble, lowly and innocent while using a #ToolOfPower. Wow! That is brilliant. And as much as I hate to bark like a dog in order to prove anther dog wrong; the only method to escape this powerful social/ political tool of power is to emulate it to vindicate yourself when the worst come; to second best, to try exposing its sociology and psychology and relative relevant historical examples.

The second method must come first but not effective. The first method to combat it must come second and it’s very very very effective.

They cry, “islamophobia!”; I cry “christianophobia”
They cry, “marginalisation”; I cry “marginalisation, censorship, removal of basic human rights such as free speech”.

It’s a disgrace for me, as person who subscribes to the Christian ideology that he highest representation of being, would be that of a King, a Holy Lover, sacrificial friendliness because Jesus said that a man lays his life down for his friends that he loves so much. However, the contrast and contrariety of the GodHead in the trinity shows that though we be lambs (As Jesus is known as the lamb of God), but I should also be as wise as serpents (as Moses rod too became the serpent of God – Jesus – that swallows up the serpents of fake religious ideologies).

So as much as it makes me feel intellectually yukky! Sometimes, using Fundamental Victimology in like-passion like the Muslims use when I get challenged would be a better tool of power to make sure that no one is giving islam “special treatment” without using the same special standards for Christianity.

If Christianity can be tastelessly insulated and criticised by pop-culture, islam deserved it’s own. Although, I’m not tasteless to perform such acts as insulting an “ideology”. And yes, I did say “insult an ideology” as if mathematics can ever be offended. However, I have used a poetic language to express how how our silly pop-culture rationalises when the criticism of certain social ideologies are brought up.

Feelings are good and facts don’t care about your feelings.


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William Sargent (1907 – 1988) … who was told to understand what many rescued America soldiers prisoners of war would tell the praises of communism.

He was the one to coin the word “Brainwashing” which the Chinese were good at doing (maybe explains a lot about Trumps reaction at china 😏😏😏) … which is a phenomenon that happens mostly suddenly. Most politically brainwashed victims underwent treatments resembling Therapy Patients who’s beliefs are persuaded otherwise or a religious convert in his/ her Eureka moment of enlightenment. All these cases must be rendered intelligible by the same underlying phonological and psychological processes.

So, without assuming the pop culture social colloquial use of “brainwashed” to indicate “delusional”… let’s consider it from a logical point of view… doesn’t brainwashing happen everyday?

William Sargent became very much interested in Ivan Pavlov’s experiments (1849 – 1936). Pavlov won the Nobel Prize in 1904 on his physiology of digestion but later went on perform experiments on the nervous systems. Now he trained some dog on certain characteristics and then subjected them to a lot of physical and emotional stresses which would leave the dogs collapsed on a state of hysteria and shut down its brain function. Any training given to that dog previously disappeared from that point onward and new trainings would be extremely hard to remove. Hence, the reason when you leave your stressed out dog alone in the house and come back again… the more, more and more the dog falls in love and deeply loyal to you.

Sadly, these are things that happen every single day. Stress and Strain is real on all levels no matter how much you want to deny them. They overwhelm and possess you like demons. The bullet fired at you will hit with a 95% chance of killing you – that is fact. The fact will repossess your house if you don’t pay your debt – that is real, it exists.

The question is, can you #trust objective Truth (more than brainwashing) to find you? And how can you trust a random truth? How can you trust an impersonal truth?
Only a truth that moves, lives and loves can be trusted to be objective in this dire world of brainwashing. The atheist is no different than the religious folk.

But wouldn’t a “personal” truth be more subjective than objective? I hear you say… this is almost confusing isn’t it? 😂 … that’s why I write about weird stuff like this. I believe both are equal. The subject is the object and the object is the subject. Think of it, truth requires an object to subjectively see and validate the existence of the object and the object arises by virtue of being seen (as shown by the observer effect of quantum physics). There is a canny ability for the subjective’s qualia to demonstrate perdurantism or in other words, the ability to persist in the validation of identity. The identity is both the object and the subject. If it’s getting too much for your brain, just look at another Human being and recognise that they are both objects and subjects too. To be honest, women who want to only be treated as “subjects” and not “objectifies” should stop posting too many selfies. We also don’t want harm coming to our bodies or the bodies of our babies by physical violence – that is #objectification. The truth is in finding each person’s subjective level of objectification but it doesn’t logically negate subjectification. It just makes it socially unannounced. #Simples

Sadly, objects, as true as they are, cannot be trusted on their own without the presence of the subject giving it its persistence of identity. By this, even when the object fails, the subject itself becomes the object and the object proves to have always been the subject. Hence, the reason by the decadence of trust as object cannot be logically sound until the subject of the truth give that truth it’s objectivity.

But doesn’t this apply to everyone? Can’t everyone who is a subject just “make-up” truths and say “this is objective!”? No… objective truth must be binary and independent of the changeable whims of the subject. Objective Truth must speak “I AM Truth.” Human can say this but humans change … hence, their objectivity not matching up with their subjectivity. Perdurantism fails in humans sometimes (if not many times – e.g., have you ever forgotten your name? Or the names of your dearly heart felt beloved children? 😂) by amnesia or dementia.

Can a subject be objectively unchanging and still remain a subject? Yes… via perdurantism.


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“Ignorance is the root of misfortune” (Plato)

“Ignorance is bliss” (Anonymous)

How do you square this circle? 😂

One could say that your area of ignorance MUST be entrusted for the sake of your life.

Read Further:
Imagine a little child licking his favourite ice cream with a sensor bomb in it. The time bomb only waiting to sense the touch of his tongue.
On one hand, ignorance is bliss. At the same time, ignorance creates the misfortune.

How is this not us every single day of our lives? One second you thought that, that something is intended to bring you pain/ please but it brings you its converse.

To what then should our ignorance be entrusted to? Well… what better entrustment is there to give our ignorance to than to give our ignorance to knowledge? You could see my previous statement from the literal and figurative sense.

Figuratively, you need to entrust your ignorance to the non-bliss and troublesome labour of knowing – #TeachThyself

Literally, you come to an understanding that you can either get the infinite into your head or get your head into the infinite. Thus is somewhat the nature of truth-knowing. To get the infinite into your head would akin to madness, an instability of feeble humanity. But to get your head into the infinite of knowing … now, that is a thing of beauty, potential and power’s petrol. Alas, this is not enough, as ignorance still remains. How does one solve this dilemma of ignorance?

It depends on how one believes regarding the nature of knowledge and it’s compatibility with entrustment. Would infinite knowledge be impersonal, it would be similar to sitting on an impersonal chair and trusting that such chair would not let me fall. So I rest my weight on it completely. But there is a problem with this anecdote, the problem is that I know the chair. So comparing my ability to trust an impersonal chair to my ability to trust an impersonal infinite knowledge would be futile for all purpose of logical practicability.

The other would be personal infinite knowledge. Knowledge, as an abstract entity, does “it” “know” it “knows” that it “knows” – ad infinitum – that it exists? Such is a more convincing notion for the humanly unfathomable singularity of infinite knowledge. Is “infinite knowledge” conscious? I think so … for to be knowledge and not-know of your existence would be a logical contradiction, a self-defeating metaphysics.

By rules of logic, I highly believe this. Thus, I can entrust my ignorance to infinite knowledge because infinite knowledge… or #Omniscience. Omniscience is who we call “#God”.

But to #WhichGod shall I entrust my ignorance. Can HE/ SHE be trusted? Will HE/SHE bring to my fate misfortune for my ignorance … both my willing ignorance and my unwilling ignorance.

Only in the holistic aesthetic contrariety and complexity of the personality of Jesus Christ, HIS historicity and HIS theological doctrine do I see “infinite knowledge” that loves me unconditionally.

Allah does not love unconditionally – that is an emotionless ideological fact… not an emotional insult.
Buddha does not love unconditionally – that is an emotionless ideological fact… not an emotional insult.
African gods and other Pagan gods from Greek, Egypt, Hinduism do not love unconditionally- that is an emotionless ideological fact… not an emotional insult.
Feelings are good and facts don’t care about your feelings.

Which God, is crazy in love enough to historically come to earth and die for the sins of his torturers (both you and me) and still continue to love us? #OnlyJesus

CONCLUSION: So in my search living ignorantly, I entrust my ignorance to both the figurative and literal quest for knowledge. I #WorkHard to receive more knowledge and #RestHard to receive more love. Both are not mutually exclusive, they can both happen.

For love without knowledge is a fantasy driven feat often leading to sad desperation of beautiful fireworks grasping for the last bit of atmosphere to shine in. One minute here, the next gone.
And knowledge without love is scary. Who would trust it?
But love – especially unconditional love, not the love that resembles prostitution (i.e., give me something 💸💵💴 and I will love you), but loves for its own sake – in knowledge of how bad, dirty, filthy, evil and sinful you are but still chooses to love you nonetheless … now, praying in Jesus’ name is a human experience I am privileged to have that, that which I do not know (yet) is in truly good hands.


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I would rather like to see the #BritishGovernment encourage the #BritishPeople who democratically elected them in for the British People, by the British People, to the British People …

…to encourage and incentivise British People to have more children. With the crying voice of the Audacious #Brexit, the Stupid-Braindead British #AltRight and the controversial #BritainFirst – it is evident that there is a growing concern by the British People that the British Government is not doing enough to put the minority-indigenous British Welfare/ flourishing. Would you call this “racist”? Or would you call this a rational reaction against #WhiteGuilt, #WhiteHate and call this #Nationalism.
– Nelson Mandela was a nationalist
– Winston Churchill was a nationalist
– Hitler was a nationalist
– Polish People are nationalists
– Japanese People are nationalists
– Donald Trump is a nationalist

Does “mere nationalism” make you a racist? No. It is “other moral badness” added to nationalism that makes you a evil or a racist. Can you blame Brexit on the increasing crime rate in the U.K., on the increasing fundamental multicultural and fundamental diverse societies that we have, on the failure of assimilation that produce zero mutual benefits on our economy by the failure of immigrants to work, work hard, earn the “value” of their standard of living etc.

Diversity is not evil, it is fundamental diversity and fundamental multiculturalism I am against … and I am sure we all too are against this – we just don’t think about it. Think of it, in some cultures, the love their dead families and eat them, in other culture, they feel the same love for their dead families and bury them … which culture do you want? Do you see your racism now? Or will you be willing to say that some cultures are more moral and superior than the other. Now if you’re a moral-relativist, stop reading this and go to bed… your nihilism is not needed here. But if you have faith that abstract justice exists in the absolute sense, continue reading. Sadly, we’re even doing #IdentityPolitics in the UK and accepting #ShariahLaw in Shariah Courts; why? Because we don’t wanna bother with the in-house civil war or fighting dealt against us from the soft plus hard realm against us. “Soft” realm being snowflake, crybaby leftism and “hard” realm being physical attacks, riots and vandalism. This is the British Government loosing touch with the discipline of its own amazing culture – stepping on the blood of their ancestors with paid, tooth, nail, blood and reputation to make British Culture the best that it is. This powerless attitude of the British people in their own country is pathetic in my opinion. Fundamental Multiculturalism or Fundamental Diversity is not an attempt to “learn” to “understand” your neighbour’s culture. It is to find ways to allow and accommodate them even if they are morally inferior Culture. I repeat, does that make me a racist for stating that certain cultures are superior? Does that make me a #CultureSupremacist? 😂 … look, there used to be a time in the Nigerian culture where #HumanSacrifice was the norm. And there are cults – up till this day – that are uncovered in Nigeria that still perform human sacrifice to the gods. Are you a racist or cultural supremacist for STOPPING My beloved culture of human sacrifice? No … Nigerians secretly thank the colonialists for helping open our eyes with Christianity even though we never mention it. Jesus really changed our hearts. Thank you.

Personally, I do not see Married British People complaining to be taxed to incentivise Single British People to get married. And any immigrant that cries that it does. It now to incentivise British Single People to get married and stay married, they can simply BugOff! #BritishCulture has taken too many blows, insults and abuses and it has allowed this … because it curses itself for being the best, most loving and most caring culture in the world. Try the nonsense accepted in the UK or General West in Saudi Arabia, in Nigeria, in Personally I think so too and I think it’s time for #British Culture needs to start being proud again to be British, to be indigenously white. And if the government does not recognise this, that only in the Fundamental Boundaries of the Supreme Historically Based Judeo-Christian British Culture, can we rationally loving (opening our borders to immigrants and other cultures) … and discipline with justice (opening our boarders to immigrant and other cultures ONLY within the boundaries of our supreme culture).

I hate that I see the ageing demographic population of British people.
I hate that I see our “kindness” and “loving attitude” being desecrated and disrespected.
I hate that I see the real concerns of British people being ignored.
I hate that I see the pretence of relationally socially intelligent by avoiding race based discussions and attributions such as looking at a Muslim in the boldly in the eyes and respectfully saying “the #ideological death penalty of Islam is EVIL!”

I love the British People and I want the see the British People prosper and to go back to being the respected and revered culture that they always are.

Just ranting my own thoughts and opinions.

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You Have Access to God

During the American Civil War, as a result of family tragedy, a soldier was granted permission to seek a hearing from the president. He wanted to request exemption from military service. However, when he arrived at the White House, he was refused entry and sent away. He went and sat in a nearby park.

A young boy came across him and remarked how unhappy he looked. The soldier found himself telling the young boy everything. Eventually the boy said, ‘Come with me.’ He led the dejected soldier back to the White House. They went around the back, none of the guards stopped them. Even the generals and high-ranking government officials stood to attention and let them pass through.

The soldier was amazed. Finally, they came to the presidential office. Without knocking, the young boy opened the door and walked straight in. Abraham Lincoln, standing there, turned from his conversation with the Secretary of State and said, ‘What can I do for you, Tad?’
Tad said, ‘Dad, this soldier needs to talk to you.’

The soldier had access to the president ‘through the son’. According to the New Testament, in an even more amazing way, you have access to God ‘through the son’ – Jesus.

Many people pray, but not all prayer is Christian. Christian prayer is distinctive – it is Trinitarian. St Paul writes, ‘Through him [Jesus] we have access to the Father by one Spirit’ (Ephesians 2:18).

This is why prayer is such an immense privilege. You are able to speak to God, the creator of the universe, as your Father. You come to him through Jesus, the man who is God, our Lord, brother and friend. Your prayers are inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, who lives within your heart.

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