My respectable Muslims friends who support the terrorist organisation called “Hamas” in Palestine…
… if Israel really wanted to obliterate Palestine…
It is a simple and easy matter and they can be crafty enough that nobody will find them guilty nor blame them.

The whole of the West, USA and Europe, is throwing precision bombs in Syria because we blindly trust in Israeli intelligence – which I find foolish but that is just the way it is.

All israel has to do is to invent a lie about Palestine and poof, gone. Simple as that. In fact, they have all the weapons, enough to do that.

So, before you post a picture or video that Israeli Solidiers are being evil to Palestinians who “only” want their land back after they legally over-sold it to Israel, ask yourself some questions:

– why are the Israeli soldiers recording the way they treat Palestinians on camera and posting it to the WHOLE WORLD? (In my opinions, because they want to show the whole world they are accountable human beings)

– why must Israeli soldiers give a justification in court for every bullet they fire or misfire? If they have no justification, they go to jail. And sometimes, even if they have justification, they still go to jail.

– why don’t the Israeli soldiers just start shooting and bombing to death all night the Palestinians if they are really as evil as you claim they are?

I personally think you’ve got your narrative right. You just don’t know who powerful israel is and how many countries are now beginning to support the existence of Israel including the land of your prophet – Saudi Arabia.


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Do you know how much money was spent to send our RAF drop “precision” bombs in Syria? Now consider how this could have been used in making out NHS better.

Also, if our best estimates as to believe if Asaad is responsible for these chemical attacks are coming from Israeli intelligence … may I remind you that it’s these same Israeli intelligence we relied on for the Pointless Iraq war we had in the past that killed many of our very own beloved people and we later came to find out that Iraq had no such chemical weapons.

Yeah, I wouldn’t trust israel. Yes I know he hostility pointing towards Israel by it’s surrounding nation-states just because Israel expanded, legally bought its land and expanded. I know of the continuous years of UN bashing. But that does not give israel the right to hide behind the west and watch us create hate among ourselves.

This war is not going to benefit anyone in the west but Israel alone. It’s high time we either sign an international pact or treaty or we leave nations to fight their own battles.
– why were we silent over what’s happening in South Africa?
– why were we silent over what’s happening in Venezuela?
– why were we silent over what was happening in many other ways counties

… but when it comes to doing Israel’s dirty work, we go in? Come on! The Israeli nation is sly, crafty and manipulative … it’s kinda impressive. I support their legal right to exist but I don’t support this.
It’s time for them to forgive and move on. This is going to create casualties on both sides for generations to come if we don’t pray against it.
#PrayForPeace #RestHard

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For many people – especially those I debate – who think I chauvinistically support Israel without using my brain; you’re wrong.
The Zionist Agenda is wide and clear. Israel has always wanted to create a nation state and to eliminate the existence of Palestine.

However, their first impulse is always trade to Achieve that goal. This is quite different from the leftist who’s intention is compassion, care, tolerance and inclusivity … but they first impulse is violence and everything that isn’t their goal.

Look, I have the intention to be richer than Bill Gates and Mark Zukerburg… but my first impulse is capitalistic trade not violence, theft or robbery. What’s my crime in wanting to overthrow the richest man in the world and become the richest man in the world myself? What’s my crime?

But the Politics Of Israel is worrying to me. I never get to talk about this with my Muslim debaters who only talk about Palestine lands – which is easy to debunk; that seems to bother them more.

Israel has been working with the USA, or shall I say, hiding behind the USA so that the USA takes the blame. Israel has been given enough money, enough military, enough power for them to deal with the terrorists around them. Now, they have been resisted by many Muslims and Arabs around them, even using internal relations pressures not to raid the people who are hiding ISIS and many evil terrorists. So they have a dilemma and the reason they hide behind USA is understandable.

But now, it’s time for Israel to make friends with Russia, China and Asaad even though they were not as supportive of Israel as USA was. These people are their neighbors. USA is too far from Israel. By this, we can have better international relations in the Middle East. Why israel is not doing this, is foolish. And will continue to make people see them as divisive.

#LetsTalk #WhatDoYouThink?

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There is no “theory” of evolution. There are actually, “theorIES” of evolution.

– Lamarckian Evolution
– Darwnian Natural Selection
– Neo-Darwinian Evolution
– Niche Construction
– Evolution Through Symbiogenesis
– Evo Devo
– Process Structuralism
– Intelligent Design
– a few among others

I’ll make a case and talk about a few as concise as possible.

The theory of evolution spoken today by the common layman is Neo-Darwinian Evolution which, as Theodosius Dobzhansky explains is

“Evolution is change in gene frequencies in populations.”

This is where many people believe we evolved from fish or apes thanks to randomness/ chances/ probabilities/ luck. This is Neo-Darwinian equation

Darwinian Natural Selection + (Gregor) Mendelian Genetics = Neo-Darwinian Evolution

But this is not Charles Darwin’s original view that ONLY randomness or chance is responsible for human evolution; that has been interpolated by contemporary logical formulae of scientists. Charles was open minded to the existence of other natural laws that may have directed evolution and limit the amount of randomness that could successful occur.

So trust me, Darwinian Evolution Theory is not the only game in town.

I believe in the evolution theory that is “goal orientated” so that it be consistent with other coherent world views I hold regarding the “useful fiction” we philosophically have that life has a teleology or goal-orientation as seen in the anthropic principle and the fine-tuning of the #universe to allow for intelligent life on earth 🌏 . For we cannot bear to live with ourselves (especially morally) if our mentality is “survival of the fittest”. Sometimes, the weakest get all the love, attention, protect and get others to die for them in altruism.

…says organisms do not just adapt to environments (from Epigenetics) through the chance of random variations in offspring but that organisms shape environments just as much as environments shape them. In essences, it’s the whole nature vs nurture debate. We co-construct and co-define with our environment, sometimes making the environment adapt to us and not just adapting to the environment alone … sometimes to the detriment of refusing to adapt ourselves, we adapt our environment to suite us. Animals do it and Humans do it so perfectly as far as us determining factors by which to culturally limit our selection processes. Sometimes the singer gets to pass their genes on, sometimes a the muscle man does. We (including other animals) give our own evolution it’s telos or direction with thoughtful considerations and not mere randomness.

PROCESS STRUCTURALISM (a leeway to intelligent design)

While Darwinian Evolution and it’s randomness suggest “chance”, meaning that if we rewind biological evolution backwards, we will not get the same speciation and human life like we do nowadays, Christians like me take into consideration that assuming that

– universal fine-tuning (of galaxies) remains constant
– Epigenetics is true
– the Anthropic Principle is a fact

I believe that if you reverse biological evolution backwards, all other factors being true to “guide” evolution, we would still end up with similar organism structures and intelligence nowadays. It sounds like intelligent-design evolution-theory from a scientific method of metaphysical-naturalism. But it’s the reverse, it’s the methodological-naturalism part of the argument. One works from the (inferential) top-down scientific approach, the other works front the (calculated/ constructed) bottom-up approach respectively. And since many people hate to have forensic top-down science in biology… let’s just stick to he bottom-up approach of biological evolution called “Process Structuralism” which states that…

…the kinds and types of organisms that we see, their body-plans, and many of their traits are the result of (fixed) natural laws rather than being merely the byproducts of historical contingency and chance genetic mutations.

There are certain natural laws that govern the evolution of biological structures and organisms.

Robert Bieri said this
“If we ever succeed in communicating with conceptualising-beings in outer space, they won’t be spheres, pyramids, cubes, or pancakes. In all probability they will look an awful lot like us”.

This includes bigger brain, vertebrates with ability to walk on feet. Standing upright erect etc

The biggest proof for process structuralism is the facts of Evo-Devo theory which states that it’s possible to devolve backwards … but it agrees regarding the convergence of species as well as divergence of species in evolution. In divergence of species, organisms from one common ancestor diverge and go their own way DNA-wise. In convergence species, we see organisms with different common ancestors taking similar attributes such as evolving to glide, climb. The shark and the dolphin have different common ancestors but they are physiologically converging to swim. Or look at the Saber Tooth tiger and the Thylacosmilidae (a creature that went extinct lately from Africa). The Thylacosmilidae is closely related to a kangaroo but the Saber Tooth tiger is closely related to a giraffe. Both evolved on different continents yet, converged in speciation as to co-interact in adaptation and Epigenetics.

Also, the evolution of the camera eye converged from different common ancestors across the world and 15 independent cases where the common ancestor didn’t have a camera eye or photo-receptor with a distinct lens but it jut popped into being in the next generation.

Here are a few examples of convergence speciation for those interested (find more at Simon Conway Morris Book “Life’s Solution”)
– Arthropodization
– Euscocial Organisation
– Compound Eyes
– Courtship Behaviour
– Family Structures
– Antifreeze Proteins
– C4 Photosynthesis
– Protease
– Peptidases
– Cytokinases
– Amnioacyl-tRNA
– Nicotine Oxidases

(I’m not smart enough to know these things guys, I have books 📚 and many teachers lol).

This shows that evolution is less of an accident than we give it credit for.

Intelligence in species of different ancestors shows convergence too. We see this in apes, crows/ ravens and dolphins. If we human being didn’t evolve to be this intelligent, all other universal factors being constant, other intelligent animals would have evolved to then become like us – kinda like being half-man-half-crow or half-man-half-Dolphine. One could argue that our common ancestor was half-man-half-ape. But that is another debate for another time.

My point for now is, evolution appears to have a rational structure, a mind or law or telos or goal behind it – and this is what intelligent design theory suggests although that is not what we’re talking of today in this post. For now, let’s concentrate on Process Structuralism Evolution Theory.

Since believing in evolution doesn’t always equal to neo-darwiniansm, can I still be a Christian and believe in evolution… the answer, is yes.

Does this contradict with Adam and Eve narrative that God made them from the “dust” of the earth? No – “Dust” could means anything even if it was mud where a fish came from to then become a man.

We have scientific researches going on in genetic engineering regarding the mathematical consistencies of believing in a Y-Chromosomal Adam and a Mitochondria-Eve. And with the irreducible complexity of the Cambriam Explosion still standing in the the way to bring doubt on the Darwinian Evolution theory, we have good reasons (not to know) but to rationally “believe” that life (including human life) may not have specieated from a #CommonAncestor but may have popped into being as though they were just planted there by a #CommonDesigner 😜 😁 👨‍🎨


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Amazon in the USA is a business which fails to pay federal taxes. They are paying local taxes but not federal taxes which is mandatory for everyone. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon is “leaning to the left”. Let’s just say he is a leftist. And I do not believe he is a leftist for ideological benefits but for economic benefits. This is why you don’t hear any leftist accusing Jeff Bezos.

These leftists are so FAR left, that they have forgotten the intellectual ideological doctrines of being on the left – either being a liberal or democrat.
– Aren’t the leftist supposed to favour higher taxes for bigger corporations?
– Aren’t the left supposed to hate bigger corporation so that they don’t amass too much power?
– Aren’t the left supposed to detest the prospects of capitalism?

You see, the intellectuals of Amazon understand the social dynamics of those leftist. Robert Greene wrote a book called “The 48 Laws of Power” and in Ław 14, he said “Pose as a Friend, work as a spy”.
They don’t see that Amazon is for all practical sense anti-leftist-values BUT, because Amazon poses as a friend to the left, they can avoid paying federal tax and prosper all the more in their anti-left behaviours while being friendly to the leftist who’s emotions is so fulfilled that they don’t even see the intellectual manipulation occurring here.

They have become zombies to their feelings and subjectivities.
This is the same tactics used by governments and big corporations like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google etc
Even I too, when i create my big corporation, i intend to play this dynamics too because I would rather zombify some people to their own blind subjectivity rather than loose money if they are not intelligent enough to see the onslaught of their own self-destructive stupidities. I will try to help but still comply to my very own benefits. Slavery still exists guys but now it’s reverse-slavery. It’s not me going out to capture them and keep them but it’s them using their freewill to take the pleasure to give themselves over me and big corporations.

The original liberal values a dying. And it is very hard to destroy a conservative because they can pretend for a while to be your liberal friend; but you loose your footing once and then we reverse-abandon you while aiming for other greater legacies that are worthwhile.

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What is love? I mean in the social context.
I’ve seen #MGTOW men proclaiming that love does not exist, it’s not real.

What is love as opposed to happiness?
What is love as opposed to contentment?
What is love as opposed to laziness?

Surely, happiness is real like many other abstract objects – (for those who don’t wanna live in a deterministic nihilistic paradigm). So consider the data and statistics of western appalling divorce rates and the non-complimentary behaviour of men (mgtow) vs third wave feminism. Western birth rates are declining while ageing population increases.

Love, in the social sense, seems like a fairy tale with people abhorrently rejecting the genuity of “Love”. It’s funny how “I love you” can turn into an “I hate you”; and how it is the people closest to your heart that hurt you the most.

By missing some logic steps to this point, I’ll just say that the rejection of love is purely emotional and not rational based on the existence of other plethora of platonic abstract objects we existentially experience and yet, claim to be real.

What can I say but encourage?
To the one who’s loved but now hates. Don’t let the existence of hate cloud the reality of the genuity of past love.

Love erodes by irrationality into disbelief by one investment factor which the #Leftist don’t understand is degrading our culture… #OFFENCE! And it accelerates by the compound interest of (subtle) infatuating ruminations.

Here I think the leftist culture growing around us deserves a differ message to help patch up our social dysfunction – #FORGIVENESS! Forgiveness is a #BigIdea! It takes a big man thinking in a very big way to loose the battle only to win the war. But how can we preach “forgiveness” without #ChristianValues? Think of it, unforgiveness can be a righteous act. Why should I forgive the murderer of my baby girl? It seems righteous to make him pay while holding all the offences glued by unforgivness breeding bitterness in me like the stinking attitudes of leftists.

Only the loop hole of the Christian God who forgives and pre-forgives even before you sin, can aid us having a culture that destroys snowflakiness and brings about the courage to love thereby improving our marriages, relationships and divorce rates.

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I do not believe in #ForeignAid. For example, I do not believe in sending #freebies to africa just to help them. There is the propensity for Africans to get into a culture of “give me gifts” or “hand me downs” instead of being the proud African culture they are as depicted in #BlackPantha.

What I believe in is #ForeignEducation and #ForeignTrade. The foreign trade is the incentive for the investors to take an interest in Other third world countries stricken with poverty. For example, why should I educate you if i don’t have something to gain from it? You see, educating you is empowering you. Empowering you means that you get to better your life and go away with that. May you may even get better than me far greater. That means that I’ve in effect given you a £1million free of charge. And where does that leave me? Where does that leave you respecting me and constantly honouring me after you’ve gone?

This is why we pay our teachers and this why our education system gets more and more expensive every year – because education is valuable.

I know Africa was historically stricken with tribal warfare and diabolical religious practices such as child/ human sacrifices, cannibalism, self mutilation/ suicide etc When the whites came over to Africa, they came motivated by foreign trade (even though that foreign trade involved Slave Trade, which historically, the moral naïveté was present)… and they also brought in foreign education to the point of changing our diabolical religions. With that education we have improved vastly.
– we have our own governments
– we grow our own crops
– we trade with other countries
– we can feed our children
– and so many more

Did this happen by foreign aid? I don’t believe this is the primary case. I believe that the same mindset in poverty stricken foreign countries that made them poor can only be removed by a foreign/different mindset of education.

Give a man a fish and he eats for one day, teach him how to fish and he eats for the rest of his life.

Giving foreign education rather than foreign aid is a greater good and an act done by bigger persons.

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A woman who looses her baby
A pregnancy birthing the dead
In her hands she must hold the bundle
And reconcile labour’s fruit in hand

So must be for cryers of pain
Those who troth to life’s domain
You must hold your losses to gain
In faith that all was not in vain

– Ernest A. Adewoyin


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In 2018, Saudi Arabia, the nation that tightly emulates the best model/ pattern of example for the whole world – Prophet Muhammad – was able to allow women to enter a stadium WITH men for the #FirstTime in history … this is progress, everyone is overjoyed.

I have no problem with gender segregation, the stupid #NewFeminism movement in the #GeneralWest is already doing that just fine by its own collective freewill. And there are also beautiful and sexy #OldFeminists and #Masculinists who also opt in for gender segregation such as
– Different Male and Female Toilets
– Different Male and Female Locker rooms
– Different Male and Female Fitness Performance Criteria to join the military
– Different Male and Female Schools
– Different Male and Females Clubs/ Association
– Different Male and Female Sports
– Different Male and Female Generalised Job Roles (e.g., a pregnant woman asking to be seen by a woman doctor/ nurse)
– Different Male and Female Clothing

I can go all and all with how Gender Segregation takes place in the General West, Gender has never been Fluid (#GenderFluidity) and how people who try to merely use that argument against #IslamicCountries haven’t just thought of their argument properly.

Surely, when people in the General West look at Saudi Arabia, they think it’s odd that they segregate their women from their men in far too many places but we do the same thing too … it’s just a Brute Fact of life and culture in this century.

The argument should rather be exposed as to the TRUE INTENT as to who Gender Segregation takes place.

– in the General West, Gender Segregation takes places as a result of #respect wrapped in #MoralDecency to the opposite sex no matter how much we deny it.

– in Islamic Countries like Saudi Arabia, Gender Segregation takes place because Prophet Muhammad made women of less value (worth half) to men’s value (#MaleSupremacy) wrapped in moral decency to the opposite sex no matter how much they deny it.

It is only thanks to our #prayers as Christians and the continuous onslaught of Christian missionary spy infiltration and campaigns in Saudi Arabia why we are seeing a LOT of #FirstTime #HistoryMaking in the Fundamental #WomensRights to do certain things as equally as men. e.g. Remember the protest that women should be allowed to drive just like me? Now, they can enter stadiums as equally as men, with the men. I wonder what else women in Saudi Arabia would be allowed to do as #EQUALLY as men, with men, in the future as we continue our constant spiritual prayers, physical stealth missionary work in Saudi Arabia and Governmental/ Political Pressures for all sides as we poison their poisonous cultural mentality with our General Western Christian-rooted mindset.

I’m not against Gender Segregation, I’m against gender segregation for stupid reasons. These are facts I am willing to defend with more facts because #logical facts don’t care #emotional feelings.


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