The Trojan Horse – Ep. 2: Radical Subjectivity | Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay, Michael O’Fallon

As a black guy, and I hate the fact that I have to start this sentence with “as a black guy” … as privilege is being bestowed on me by saying that – but some certain kind of racist people’s brains are not convinced until I say it like this. But I’m trying very hard not to play their racist intelligentsia game.

As a human, i believe that what these people are saying is true and correct over their discussion on identity politics

Stupid YouTube is scanning comments now … i bet they cannot EASILY delete my comments as they would if a white guy said the same thing. Gosh! Imagine if a white guy started his statement with “as a white guy”… this culture is insane and YouTube is insane… this is why something big is coming to pull YouTube down. They have sown the seeds of hatred among conservatives and if not us, then our children, or our children’s children. They, censoring conservatives, is not gong to end well for them. This is history repeating itself again. Conservatives known how business work. Conservatives know how algorithms works. COnservatives know how marketting works and how to twist people’s emotions, “for a while”. until we have our way and we have TRUE freedom of speech. Conservatives know how to “play this game” of making YouTube continue to ban people so that YouTube continues to sow the seeds of hatred to their own demise. We will do it – conservatives are competitive wolves and YouTube has insulted us. They will get what is coming their way – the deterioration of an empire. I dont care if they try to change in the future to “sweeten” their deal – what’s done is done – they dont deserve a 200th chance.

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