well, i just had to watch the whole thing.
seeing two grown up adults who disagree but yet can have a civilised discussion – bigtech companies ARE MAKING US WORSE with their censorship.
there is a wise proverb; a demon seen is better than a demon unseen.

because with the seen-demon, you can plan … you can see it coming and prepare, you can call out for help; you can cry out to Jesus to rescue you … before it actually happens.

When bigtech companies hide the allegorical demons of “another person’s horrible opinion” … bigtech companies FAIL TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE
Shame on them and their intellectually deficient good-intentions.
Shame on bigtech

Glenn Beck’s best joke of the day, “When Ben Shapiro is alt-right, sign me up I guess”. It’s clown world with all these fake-news media. Did you hear of the economist in the UK name Ben Shapiro “alt-right”? Shame on them. Mainstream Journalism is dead. More like Lamestream Journalism. The lie spreads faster than the apologies for the news companies strategising the unfair (and evil) character assassination of a good man. Shame on the economist.