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“Give me a moon to suck on with mt straw” – is the crazy thing my mind said after seeing the moon in this plot. This morning, watching anime, I’m a bit off.

This might be a shoujo – shoujos seem to be going the way of the shonen – why would they have a mecha robot here then? I mean, come on ladies – it has been repeated through out history the sexual-cultural appropriation and hence, blur of women on men’s stuff.

In English old history, men wore wigs, then women started wearing wigs

men used to wear makeup, then women started wearing makeups

(Scottish) men used to wear short skirts (kilts) then women now wear short skirts

men used to wear trousers, not women now want to start wearing trousers

Some psychologists call this penis-envy. Heck, I’ve even had girlfriends that want to wear my own clothes. And heck! they looked really attractive doing that. What is up with women? They always want the best of men’s world while maintaining theirs leaving men with nothing ut to further evolve and find, yet another manly sexual (or gender) culture that women will yet again appropriate to themselves. What is it with women or the feminine with always trying to blur out men’s gender or sexuality. Is it because women eat men up? or swallow them whole? I’m speaking symbolically of that the man’s sexual organ disappears into the woman’s sexual organ but I’m trying to keep it PG-13 lol. Or is it because women give birth to both men and women? I dont know.#

I’m just a bit left apprehended by this one-sided gender priviledge of women over men – it seems like we do not have a fair level playing ground here and I dont know if to complain about it or if to find it attractive as heaven lol. Becasue now, we have this anime which tries to capture the mecha genre, which is predominately shonen and aapropriate it into a shoujo. Magical Shoujo girls are suppose to be shoujos but it seems like more and more girls are less believeing in magic and more in technology. I don’t know what to think about it – its just my observation. I’m not saying that women should stay in their lane … im just making an observation. If I a male/ manly/  shonen anime behaving in a very girly way – such as making boys transform in sexy ways  into magical boys … kinda like that zombie anime (i cant remember its name) but it had appeal to men as the guy hated it, was embarrassed by it and he eventually got all the girls. But if this was made to seem natural … no guy would want to watch it (except for outright gay guys who like boku no pico – blot it out of my memory please).

Lastly, there are those cute girls who will take a little offense to this saying, “What a man can do, a woman can” and some will add “better” to the end of that quote; while some thinking “better” will keep silent on the basis of trying to sound more genderly equal. Well, ok, cool, I’m not complaining. And I know that men are free to start dressing in drags – oops, I mean, women’s clothes (lol … why does culture celebratorily even call it drags, lol – dont blame me, even the drag guys (i mean, lady-men) celebratorily call it drags too without complaining). I’m just saying that women have an affinity to appropriate men and manliness and that is not necessarily such a bad thing. But this toxic femininity disrespect of men from this normed-gender appropriating Neo-feminists has to stop. You wont see a drag-man insulting a women. In fact, it is apparently evident that it is becasue they love, cherish and respect women that they appropriate women’s clothing and makeups.

We are all humans, we love one another – it is natural to appropriate as much as possible, the ones that you love. Most men, if they could appropriate the preganacies of their loved women into their own wombs, so that women wouldnt have to go through all that pain (kinda like the alien man in Doctor who lol), we would.

I don’t know why I wrote all these rants. I guess it just had to come out somehow lol

Stay Blessed