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This anime got me sobbing – especially the words of the ending song. I recently lost a very good friend. Kinda like a best friend and we’re not talking anymore. I feel bad. Our friendship may never happen again … and that music just hit home for me.

but this anime also made me strangely satisfied with life. There is always justice. The characters had complex roles and there was mercy for the “savior” who was acting like a pansy. He was indecisive, yet kind. There have been times I have been indecisive and I’ve just being insulted for being less than an alpha male. I mean, it wasn’t said straight to my face, but now, in retrospect, I can confidently define the situation as that. There was Grace and mercy in this anime for the pansy kid. He was free to fight or to not-fight, even in the heat of battle – not one was relying on him, yet everyone was relying on him to pick a side. He took his time until his moral judgements were sure.

There were times when this was not afforded me, I thank God. And there were times when this was afforded me – i still thank God nonetheless.


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