Maheeda Knocking on the Sexual Liberation Walls of Nigeria

This music has too much rebellion in it hahahaha … I don’t know what to think or even if I can start breaking this down. For one, Maheeda should be praised for being brave to go against many social norms in mainstream social media … I think she went too far because as a poet or artist, she’s missing the point in expressing many (Nigerian) human experiences – she is getting somewhere and I hope to see more truer human experience music from her in the future.

This music only seemed to glorify her … well… im sure she’s humble in person as she is beautiful … but the normal emotional person trying to connect with the emotions of this music will not look at the real-Maheeda who may be humble in real-life … i personally don’t see that. But what I want to see is Maheeda connect to the normal Nigerian person’s experience. Now… do Nigerian girls from lagos who are in other countries also harbor the feelings in this video? Well… yes, they might. Those Nigerian girls in UK and USA? sure they might. But they want to be sang about … not Maheeda turning herself into an archetype.

But Maheeda carries a different spirit in this video. A spirit to make a statement. To glorify herself (and yes, I have to use this language to express what I see) while trying to break down the already crumbing wall of traditional sexual decency in Nigeria – probably the last thing on many Nigerian minds. I’m sure men don’t care … they want women to show us what they’ve been hiding between their two legs all this time – its just the way men are. But by doing this, women loose their only bargaining chip to keep men accountable and responsible (because women are finding themselves in a new age of exposure where promiscuity is almost promoted – our women need prayers).
It is a mistake to say that Maheeda cares for men … she doesn’t. It is the attention that she wants. If she cared for men, she would go the extra mile by taking responsibility for making thousands of men horny and let them have sex with her … well … she has been there and done that. But that is not enough … men need more. If she cannot take responsibility, then she has to stop being sexually liberal. Well, if not, the sexual frustration turns in to norm, the norm turns into sexual desensitization. Sexual desensitization turns into low birth rates … and a host of many other problems and baggage that come with the fire called sex.

Stay blessed Maheeda. I know you had your flare about you but I see the hand of God upon you. I know that God is still going to use you for great things but you’ve got to find a God fearing mentor and let God make you Holy-by-faith. I’m praying for you beautiful beloved. The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is with you. Stay blessed

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