Open Response to Maheeda – Nigerian Singer

Interviewed in 2017

Its not about not-liking your sexuality … its about knowing your market. Nigeria is not ready for mainstream sexual liberation. Nigeria is not a developed country. You’ll be dealing with people who at the most part are developed in their IQ like most people in developed countries like the USA. Nigerians have plenty of EQ – emotional quotient – and and are not processing your distabilisation of the etiquette of the okness of social norms maheeda; even the developed countries, in history past had an era of the hush-hush of sexual liberations. It stayed as a ticking time bomb until now, developed countries are the worlds number 1 creators or porn and nobody cares that much about porn in developed countries. The number 1 consumers of porn are Arab and Developing countires.

Plus, add to the fact that Nigeria is still religious for the most part. It would take a huge Mircale for you to be sexually liberal and for Nigerians to accept it as a social norm Maheeda. And Miracles only come from God – and I don’t think God wants to help you in this case.

Any way, sexual liberation is killing developed countries Maheeda. We’re having lower birth-rates here because men have seen everything that has to be seen in a woman’s body and there is no spark of charm any more. If you want future generations of Nigerians to end up like this – being infertile or just not caring anymore … then please continue. Well, whether you continue or not, this is the normal flow of the world … Nigeria is getting there. But for you to force it rather than allow it to organically flow … i believe, its a big mistakes – it is a hard thing to kick against the pricks (Acts 9:5).

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