SO MUCH YES: Protestors get a taste of their own medicine at American University

The democrats have left the intellectual realm. Sadly, we may have to find new chains of “feelings” to enslave them since they refuse to change their attitude. Enslaving democrats with our feelings is evil. We can control their feelings because they are so predictable and let them choose to enslave themselves. Look at the socialist convention lol – “Point of Personal Privileged! I have sensory overload!” hahahahahahaha … its about time we stopped trying to show these people the light and let them continue in the darkness of “sensory overload” or any other enslaving emotions they may be “feeling”.

Life is tough – i empathize. But if you are taking steps to overcome your own enslaving-emotions such as sensory overload, then you have my respect; I might even keep quiet as I help you as you take progressive steps to overcome the personal demons of your enslaving-emotions. You have my admiration. But to command a society to pamper your mental disability without you making brave statements of your emotional-fight, and progress towards being stronger, better, healthier … i pity you; there is evil people in this world, and evil situations that play out both evil and good people to effectively act evil to you in this world and government will not be there to help you. Your unfathomable demise draws close as these demonic lions come closer and closer to you. I hope to be there for you to fight for you and to help you; i sincerely do… but I’m sorry … there are some life changing battles you have to life on your own one day … and I encourage you to grow stronger, smarter, better and healthier.

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