Identity Politics is a gateway drug to the kind of racism is creates. Most people do not know how dangerous Identity Politics is. Look at me for example, if I have to tell you that I am a black African man, before you consider the validity of my intellectual stance, and the color of my skin *somehow* convinces you that may argument is valid, whether it is implicitly or explicitly, consciously or unconsciously, then you are an evil racist.

PS: I know you cannot blame people for their unconscious racism, but these are the same people that seem to be seeing racism everywhere. To the evil eye, all is evil. To the racist eye, all is racist.

When a white person looks at me and says,”white people pay more to enter into this conference and black people pay less” OR “I want to apologize for my white privilege”… and they look at me from the core of their hearts, with the sincerest of the sincerest of sincerest of intentions; this is what I hear, “I want to apologize for being so much better than you because of the color of my skin”. As an African Black man, I spit in your face. You can take the sincerest of the stupidest of your heartfelt sincerest intentions and shove it up your posterior end.

– no, you have no privilege higher than me based on your skin color

– no, a whip never touched my back and I was never a slave in this generation

– no, your life has not be far better than mine, being proud of my heritage, I dare to say that *I* have had a better privileged life than you

So I don’t need your heartfelt sincerest intentions cultural handouts. We are both human beings. We have both laughed and cried. We have both been in health and illness. We have both been hungry and full. Our histories has its sins and righteousness. Our countries have their good parts and evil part. Life happens to everyone. This identity politics is an insult of the highest order that I have ever seen in history. Come off your royal high horses! I don’t like being culturally made to be your victim/ subordinate, your brain-dead royal highness. The movie of Black Panther taught us one thing, Black people have their own privileges too (1).