Steven Pinker: Progress, Despite Everything

Always fantastic to see Steven Pinker.What is this about? Progress, Despite everything?I know the whole world wants to always only talk about how bad the whole world is? Why is this? Aren’t we trying? Aren’t working hard? Aren’t we being our best? Why is it that some people get off and thrive on telling the world how bad it is in an attempt to derive good from it. Some this tactic works, sometimes, it doesn’t. I believe that the parameters that connote when the stick tactic works are not there. So, we need more people encouraging and celebrating the forward movement we seem to be making.

It’s just dire. I mean, what do we even mean by progress? I think that progress comes from 2 perspectives. The subjective and the objective perspective. These two are inter-dependent on each other. There are those of the cultural political-right … who want to strike a generally-acceptable definition of what is objective; this is a noble venture. But they fail to appreciate the progressive gradation of the human subjectivity into what can be generally-accepted as “objective”.

– Not every human consciousness is the same

– Not every human eye sees the same colour- Not every human cognition is the same
– people are different.

There are objective realms of progress and there are subjective realms of progress. Sad to say, especially to my friends on the cultural political right trying to forsake their subjectivity (or in other words, feelings) and adhere to some sort of objectivity (in other words, facts) …. that the objectivity of human progress is dependent on the subjectivity of human progress. The subjective is always fundamental to the human. This is because, you can have the objectivity of- lovely cars- a sexy/ handsome wife/ husband- excellent children- awesome physical health

and yet, still subjectively believe that your life has not progressed; that you are miserable and that would do NOTHING for you than to virtually lead you to suicide despite your life being so objectively great. The cultural political right (CPR) try to avoid this by adhering to objectivity and it works for them. They can slap themselves in the face and say “Johnny! Why are you acting/ feeling like this!? You life is great! You have this, that and everything seems to be going well for you even though you’re faced with certain predicaments but, look, there are children dying here and there due to this and that, why dont you count your blessings and name them one by one!?” … my beautiful friends on the cultural political left (CPL), live closer to their ape brains of emotions – yes, and I know my temperamental leftist friends reading this will feel offended I described their emotional brain like this… even though most rightist will shrug, nod and just read on as though it was some *matter of scientific fact that intellect distinguishes human brains from animal-like instintive emotions* … well, you far-leftists get too offended by virtually anything and everything … i’m using the overwhelming might of my African black privilege (lol hahahahaha) to make sure that no authoritarian tyrant or fascist, never polices my language. … now i’ve rambled about that (because you have to always ramble about stuff when communicating to far-leftist in today’s culture and stand your ground while demanding civilized mutual respect in human dignity … its a sad world with too much emotions and its a grey world with too much facts. Yes, Im a centrist. People like me still exist.

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