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The Anime Episode

The search for cain madhouse comes here in episode 5 … kinda like halfway through the anime, that is, if the anime is going to be 12 to 13 episodes long. So i’m guessing that this guy fails miserably only to come back in like episode 12 or 13 to kickass.

I’m also noticing that this is one of those anime I watch that is going to make me depressed for like weeks – opening my eyes to the sadness of the nature of life and how unfortunate things can get for me and for other people around me. Sometimes, the reward for the sacrifice for your country is for your friend, your comrad, to kill you. It’s so sad. But also noticing that this is a shonen – an anime genre meant for men/ boys. I was thinking initially what the necessity of Liza’s oppai was and even got offended that it was thrusted upon us for not particular reason in this anime. But I think I’m unto something here regarding the psychology of the anime creators. I can’t remember which anime I heard this from but I heard this quote: “Oppai are filled with men’s hopes and dreams” hahahahahahahahaha . Taking this into consideration, the anime creators may have the agenda of making us sad and depressed but appealing to the primal nature of men with Liza’s oppai. I need to do a quick google check what the name “Liza” means. I’m guessing ti has something to do with Elizabeth. I think there might be a connection between her name the hope-filled oppai she has lol. Like seriously, i’m surprised she’s not an incarnate hahahahahahahahaah

In symbolisms, the oppai is supposed to represent “generosity” … the giving woman that almost never takes back since oppai are used to grace defenseless children and nourish them. I wonder how far the anime creators thought these through or am I just thinking too much? lol