I’ve been thinking whether #triggers actually exists in a world of “Free Will”. I am of the school of thought that free-will exists and this means that there exists a #singularity realm of first-order causation in humans. This is why we lock people in prison – why? because we honestly believe that they can choose to have done “#otherwise”. The mass #murderer and rapist could have chosen otherwise right?

So, we live in a era of triggers. Where people say that they have been #triggered by something and hence, the reason they lash out or act the way they do. We look at the crying #snowflake or immature and say “He’s been triggered”. We look at the #rapist and say “He wasn’t triggered” – even though he clearly was.

This is making me to think if “being triggered” is a real #phenomenon in reality. And if it is, in what correct-concept are we to hold that view? Is being triggered a “#makebelief” phenomenon? Like some sort of useful fiction? I think it is. But does making it a useful fiction therefore make it any less real or less applicable to the external real world? I do not think so

So I think that only in its applicability to being effective in social “games of thrones” would it be recognised. What do you think about this?

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