I am listening to Kevin Wesley because I have a very precious friend of mine whom I love very much who said that she has been discouraged from being a Christian because she has was listening to Kevin Wesley. She has not told me the specificity as to whch part of what Kevin said actually gave her the final push from “believer” to “unbeliever”. So with this blog, I wish to reach out to her and see if I can debunk Kevin Wesley using logic, common sense and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit; so help me God.

PRAYER: Holy Spirit, help me write this blog and grant me wisdom to hear your word and what you may be teaching me from all this. Let no one fall for false teaching again and if possible, save Kevin Wesley too by YOUR Grace. Show him and his family mercy in Jesus’ Name. Amen

Hyping Drums

In the video, Kevin Wesley opens up with saying that the drums are there to get everyone in the church of Bishop T. D. Jakes excited when he was preaching. I am liberterian about this. I personally think that Church should be a fun place and not ordinarily a somber place. However, there are somber churches I go to too such as the catholic church. I must say, its a beautiful place to sleep. The preaching of the gospel is going out through out the whole world – as prophesised by Jesus in Matthew 24:14 – and what is likely is that you may hear the same sermon repackaged in many different ways. Sometimes, what you want is a something different. This is what the bible says about making noise and playing the drums in the church:

Psalm 98:4Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.

So I do not see why Kevin is speaking against the drums. The bible in Psalm 149:3 and Psalm 150:4-6 tells us to praise the Lord with drums. Now, what is Kevin trying to achieve here? That these people are not praising the Lord? That praise should ONLY always be achieved in a somber attitude? Or is Kevin totally against being “hyped up” in Church? What is the issue or sin about being hyped up in Church? I don’t get him. You can’t have praise without the hype – that’s like asking for the logical impossiblity of a married-bachelor or square-circle …. or the dishonest requirements that damns you if you do and damns you if you dont. Kevin is irrational at this point.

But we should not also forget that this is an African American Church. There is a whole history of racial segregation in the historic african church. This means that preaching styles became different. I remember a quote from someone that said

Don’t move the ancient landmarks unless, ask yourself and think long, deep and hard about why they were kept there in the first palce. – Anonymous

Kevin is free to criticize Bishop T. D. Jakes american-black style of preaching all he wants but that does not mean that he has said anything of rational value.

Teaching VS Preaching

But Kevin later draws from that foundational laid-groundwork of hyping drums to bring out this point: Teaching VS Preaching. This is the title and seems to be the crux of his whole argument. This is Kevin’s contextual definitions from time 1:03 in the video

  • Teaching: … where you are actually trying to get someone to understand and actual dialogue
  • Preaching: … where you’re trying to raise someone’s energy, sort of like a pep-rally

First and foremost, lets just point out the obvious fallacy. This is a False Dilemma fallacy. Who is to say that Preaching AND Teaching cannot occur together? Even at pep-rallies of those such as Tony Robbins, a well known motivational speaker and teacher, he is known to hype the crowd up and clap his hands too

but he is also know to “teach”.

Or consider other live concerts you go to such as this where you clap:

Does clapping get you hypnotise? Well this is what Kevin is doing: He has captured your focus to focus on preaching, being radically distinct from teaching (which it isn’t) and then demonised preaching to be falsely associated with hypnotism – then finalising that impression he is presenting you with to be ACTUALLY hypnotism. With that line of logic, you can say that

  1. All Nike employees wear nike branded cothes
  2. Kevin wears a Nike branded shirt in the video
  3. Therefore, Kevin is a Nike employee

This is a false equivalce fallacy – an underhanded sly tactive he is using to mesmerise his listeners who are not strong christians intellectually. No, just because something “resembles” something else, does not necessrily equate them together no different than just because Kevin resembles a nike employee, does not necessarily mean that he should be equivated to one.

Lastly, there is the issue of repeating things over and over again. The same fallacy as above applies here. Just because you repeat things over and over again, does not necessarily equivocate you to being a hypnotist.

You see, Kevin is taking a technical word “Hypnotist” … which means a specific thing – and we know one when we see one; and then magically stretching that defintion to mean “Preacher”. This is laughable logic. Both of the have many things in common

  • they are both humans
  • they both speak
  • they both have families
  • they both wear clothes (hopefully lol)

but just because you find “some similarities” in certain things, does not mean that you should throw your brain away from seeing their distinctive differences. This is as stupid as equating new babies to adults just because you fail to see their distinctions but only biasedly choose to ONLY see their similarities. If you did that, babies will die because adults can fend for themselves but babies cannot.

But notice this … as Kevin is trying to change the topic very quickly because maybe he notices how stupid what his is “trying to imply” into young impressionable baby christian minds. Bishop T. D. Jakes is hyping people up, correct? Well, how many hypnotists do you know that hypes up a crowd like T. D. Jakes was doing in that video? I dare you to show me one if you can. The only hypnotists i know, make you feel calm, not hyped, make you feel sleepy, not hyped – in what way is what is what T. D. Jakes  doing comparable to hypnotism? Kevin, at this point in time, has failed the test of logic in the first 2 minutes of his video.

I hate to write about videos like this. But I shall take a rest now. Kevin Wesly, continues to use this Zeitgeist tricks of false equivalences through out his videos and I am going to be debunking them one by one. #RestHard