In 2018, Saudi Arabia, the nation that tightly emulates the best model/ pattern of example for the whole world – Prophet Muhammad – was able to allow women to enter a stadium WITH men for the #FirstTime in history … this is progress, everyone is overjoyed.

I have no problem with gender segregation, the stupid #NewFeminism movement in the #GeneralWest is already doing that just fine by its own collective freewill. And there are also beautiful and sexy #OldFeminists and #Masculinists who also opt in for gender segregation such as
– Different Male and Female Toilets
– Different Male and Female Locker rooms
– Different Male and Female Fitness Performance Criteria to join the military
– Different Male and Female Schools
– Different Male and Females Clubs/ Association
– Different Male and Female Sports
– Different Male and Female Generalised Job Roles (e.g., a pregnant woman asking to be seen by a woman doctor/ nurse)
– Different Male and Female Clothing

I can go all and all with how Gender Segregation takes place in the General West, Gender has never been Fluid (#GenderFluidity) and how people who try to merely use that argument against #IslamicCountries haven’t just thought of their argument properly.

Surely, when people in the General West look at Saudi Arabia, they think it’s odd that they segregate their women from their men in far too many places but we do the same thing too … it’s just a Brute Fact of life and culture in this century.

The argument should rather be exposed as to the TRUE INTENT as to who Gender Segregation takes place.

– in the General West, Gender Segregation takes places as a result of #respect wrapped in #MoralDecency to the opposite sex no matter how much we deny it.

– in Islamic Countries like Saudi Arabia, Gender Segregation takes place because Prophet Muhammad made women of less value (worth half) to men’s value (#MaleSupremacy) wrapped in moral decency to the opposite sex no matter how much they deny it.

It is only thanks to our #prayers as Christians and the continuous onslaught of Christian missionary spy infiltration and campaigns in Saudi Arabia why we are seeing a LOT of #FirstTime #HistoryMaking in the Fundamental #WomensRights to do certain things as equally as men. e.g. Remember the protest that women should be allowed to drive just like me? Now, they can enter stadiums as equally as men, with the men. I wonder what else women in Saudi Arabia would be allowed to do as #EQUALLY as men, with men, in the future as we continue our constant spiritual prayers, physical stealth missionary work in Saudi Arabia and Governmental/ Political Pressures for all sides as we poison their poisonous cultural mentality with our General Western Christian-rooted mindset.

I’m not against Gender Segregation, I’m against gender segregation for stupid reasons. These are facts I am willing to defend with more facts because #logical facts don’t care #emotional feelings.


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