C. S. Lewis was right in noting that some kinds knowledge cannot be acquired on hear-say or in theory alone; that there is a kind of knowledge that comes from experience. (Ask for quote)

The story of Abraham – Christian Title: the Father of Faith – climbing up the mountain to sacrifice his son due to Elohim’s testing commands. There exists a tendency for people standing outside the river to generalise fishes saying, “All Fishes are the same.” Most of us reading that previous logic think, “that’s absurd! Not all fishes are the same.” And you rightly say so. You fully recognise that anyone who believes that all fishes are the same are either ignorant (having never interacted with the understanding and research of fishes), is either a blatant liar or sadly self deluded. And surely, many will recognise that not all religions are not the same and likewise reason that not all religious ideologies and doctrines are the same.

And when it comes to the realisation that the “Doctrine of Faith” from one religion to the other is completely different, many Atheists, for example, tend to categorise “faith” in a Hasty Generalisation Fallacy defining faith as believing in things #WithoutEvidence. Now that may be true for many other religion and not Christianity. Let Christian Doctrine speak for itself:

Hebrews 11:1 – Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen.

Can I have evidence of things I have never seen? Yes, in science, we call it “forensic science” which is a scientific methodology used in criminology and archaeology. Guess why the scientific method historically grew and was birthed and continued to flourish from the back drop mental mindset/ psyche and pop-culture of a highly Christian-rooted culture? Because we walk by Christina-based-faith and not by sight. It is the fundamental mental axiom of
– psychology
– sociology
– philosophy
– science
– morality
– metaphysics
– historicity etc

Others may have similar words for faith and may have practiced it in their culture. Such words include … following the trends, experimentation, coherent laws of logic, existentialism, postulate etc Christian-based-faith is a philosophical theory of truth.

Now back to ABRAHAM and C. S. Lewis and with what I introduced initially. Many times, as human beings, it is impossible to see, know and understand why God will allow some problems, troubles and testing times in your life…. and God can be trusted to be a good God. You see, while Abraham was walking up the mountain to obey God and to sacrifice his son, the substitute ram was walking on the other side of the mountain according to this narrative from bible-story. Christian-Based faith is like following the testing commands/ instructions and believing that the outcome will be good.

Consider all the problems you have… #TrustGod for #OnlyJesusSaves. #RestHard

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