The exact effect of the prayers is not clear, but what is clear is that your prayers are heard by God. Your prayers matter. They make a difference because of their high potential to move God.

It is an impersonal, emotionless FACT that most of Muslims prayers to Allah are repetitious rant excerpts from their “holy” books. Why? This might be partly due to the Muslim’s fear and reverence towards their their concept of Allah. The highest epitome of ultimate being according to Islamic ideology that of a #SlaveMaster. Yes, Allah is the Master and we are the slaves.

So, while it is possible for a Muslim, in conversation/ social interaction to possesses all the similitude to lowliness, humility, meekness, agreeableness – as a slave would act; it is definitely filtered through a lens of trying to achieve ultimate being. I agree with #OprahWinfery when she said that the core reason for spirituality is for individuals to achieve the highest expression of their identity. Such an odyssey comes with the feat of ultimate meaning, purpose, morality and destination (kinda like the 4 causes of Saint Thomas Acquinas). And yes, it is an impersonal and emotionless factual ideology that the perfect example/ model for emulation is #ProphetMuhammad, who we all know was also a #SlaveDriver. Now there are many who find it difficult to judge islam on its own merit and find it a justifiable method to engage in Tu Quoque in comparison to Christianity (especially since I, the author of this factual and emotionless #FreeSpeech, am a Christian). And yes, Christianity ideology possessing a doctrine of the treatment of slaves. However, the treatment of Christian slaves are very far in similitude from Muslim slaves. During he growing concern of gang crimes in London, a few other people decided to form gangs to engage in role modelling and kinship interaction with other violent gangs. There are gangs and there are gangs – not all gangs are the same. Likewise, there are slavery doctrines and there are slavery doctrines – I beg to present that both slavery for the ideology of Christianity and the ideology is Islam are different for those who will endeavour to research and find out. (Just ask me if you wanna know).

So… I the humble face (i.e., psychology) of a Muslims lies the only example they have seen on the highest expression treatment of others … like a #SlaveMaster. Hence, the reason for the brilliant and twisted implementation of #FundamentalVictimology of the majority of Muslims in #General pop-culture from the #PoliticalLeft to look humble, lowly and innocent while using a #ToolOfPower. Wow! That is brilliant. And as much as I hate to bark like a dog in order to prove anther dog wrong; the only method to escape this powerful social/ political tool of power is to emulate it to vindicate yourself when the worst come; to second best, to try exposing its sociology and psychology and relative relevant historical examples.

The second method must come first but not effective. The first method to combat it must come second and it’s very very very effective.

They cry, “islamophobia!”; I cry “christianophobia”
They cry, “marginalisation”; I cry “marginalisation, censorship, removal of basic human rights such as free speech”.

It’s a disgrace for me, as person who subscribes to the Christian ideology that he highest representation of being, would be that of a King, a Holy Lover, sacrificial friendliness because Jesus said that a man lays his life down for his friends that he loves so much. However, the contrast and contrariety of the GodHead in the trinity shows that though we be lambs (As Jesus is known as the lamb of God), but I should also be as wise as serpents (as Moses rod too became the serpent of God – Jesus – that swallows up the serpents of fake religious ideologies).

So as much as it makes me feel intellectually yukky! Sometimes, using Fundamental Victimology in like-passion like the Muslims use when I get challenged would be a better tool of power to make sure that no one is giving islam “special treatment” without using the same special standards for Christianity.

If Christianity can be tastelessly insulated and criticised by pop-culture, islam deserved it’s own. Although, I’m not tasteless to perform such acts as insulting an “ideology”. And yes, I did say “insult an ideology” as if mathematics can ever be offended. However, I have used a poetic language to express how how our silly pop-culture rationalises when the criticism of certain social ideologies are brought up.

Feelings are good and facts don’t care about your feelings.


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