I would rather like to see the #BritishGovernment encourage the #BritishPeople who democratically elected them in for the British People, by the British People, to the British People …

…to encourage and incentivise British People to have more children. With the crying voice of the Audacious #Brexit, the Stupid-Braindead British #AltRight and the controversial #BritainFirst – it is evident that there is a growing concern by the British People that the British Government is not doing enough to put the minority-indigenous British Welfare/ flourishing. Would you call this “racist”? Or would you call this a rational reaction against #WhiteGuilt, #WhiteHate and call this #Nationalism.
– Nelson Mandela was a nationalist
– Winston Churchill was a nationalist
– Hitler was a nationalist
– Polish People are nationalists
– Japanese People are nationalists
– Donald Trump is a nationalist

Does “mere nationalism” make you a racist? No. It is “other moral badness” added to nationalism that makes you a evil or a racist. Can you blame Brexit on the increasing crime rate in the U.K., on the increasing fundamental multicultural and fundamental diverse societies that we have, on the failure of assimilation that produce zero mutual benefits on our economy by the failure of immigrants to work, work hard, earn the “value” of their standard of living etc.

Diversity is not evil, it is fundamental diversity and fundamental multiculturalism I am against … and I am sure we all too are against this – we just don’t think about it. Think of it, in some cultures, the love their dead families and eat them, in other culture, they feel the same love for their dead families and bury them … which culture do you want? Do you see your racism now? Or will you be willing to say that some cultures are more moral and superior than the other. Now if you’re a moral-relativist, stop reading this and go to bed… your nihilism is not needed here. But if you have faith that abstract justice exists in the absolute sense, continue reading. Sadly, we’re even doing #IdentityPolitics in the UK and accepting #ShariahLaw in Shariah Courts; why? Because we don’t wanna bother with the in-house civil war or fighting dealt against us from the soft plus hard realm against us. “Soft” realm being snowflake, crybaby leftism and “hard” realm being physical attacks, riots and vandalism. This is the British Government loosing touch with the discipline of its own amazing culture – stepping on the blood of their ancestors with paid, tooth, nail, blood and reputation to make British Culture the best that it is. This powerless attitude of the British people in their own country is pathetic in my opinion. Fundamental Multiculturalism or Fundamental Diversity is not an attempt to “learn” to “understand” your neighbour’s culture. It is to find ways to allow and accommodate them even if they are morally inferior Culture. I repeat, does that make me a racist for stating that certain cultures are superior? Does that make me a #CultureSupremacist? 😂 … look, there used to be a time in the Nigerian culture where #HumanSacrifice was the norm. And there are cults – up till this day – that are uncovered in Nigeria that still perform human sacrifice to the gods. Are you a racist or cultural supremacist for STOPPING My beloved culture of human sacrifice? No … Nigerians secretly thank the colonialists for helping open our eyes with Christianity even though we never mention it. Jesus really changed our hearts. Thank you.

Personally, I do not see Married British People complaining to be taxed to incentivise Single British People to get married. And any immigrant that cries that it does. It now to incentivise British Single People to get married and stay married, they can simply BugOff! #BritishCulture has taken too many blows, insults and abuses and it has allowed this … because it curses itself for being the best, most loving and most caring culture in the world. Try the nonsense accepted in the UK or General West in Saudi Arabia, in Nigeria, in Personally I think so too and I think it’s time for #British Culture needs to start being proud again to be British, to be indigenously white. And if the government does not recognise this, that only in the Fundamental Boundaries of the Supreme Historically Based Judeo-Christian British Culture, can we rationally loving (opening our borders to immigrants and other cultures) … and discipline with justice (opening our boarders to immigrant and other cultures ONLY within the boundaries of our supreme culture).

I hate that I see the ageing demographic population of British people.
I hate that I see our “kindness” and “loving attitude” being desecrated and disrespected.
I hate that I see the real concerns of British people being ignored.
I hate that I see the pretence of relationally socially intelligent by avoiding race based discussions and attributions such as looking at a Muslim in the boldly in the eyes and respectfully saying “the #ideological death penalty of Islam is EVIL!”

I love the British People and I want the see the British People prosper and to go back to being the respected and revered culture that they always are.

Just ranting my own thoughts and opinions.

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