One can understand the leftist-mindset over how “words can hurt”. And therefore, the use of violence by leftists like antifa is deemed as justified.

Sadly… and I really mean sadly… such a mindset can be seen as true when talking about three types of people

1.) Immature People – e.g. Children
2.) Mentally Unstable people – e.g. Clinically depressed people
3.) Health-Nature ignorant people – i.e. People who don’t know what they’ve got

Consider a politician who accuses a certain set of people and says some harsh words and makes them feel like poop. What are the reactions of children? Anger? Sadness? Crying? Does this reminds you of Antifa yet?

The people I really care for are those who are mentally unstable ranging from severe bipolar to mere clinical functional depression. These are the people with hormonal and chemical make-up that actually find “a little bit” of Therapy in crying and being angry especially if they cannot avoid listening to the condemning criticisms of harsh destructive words. Are they justified in punching the harsh-speaker in the face? Or damaging any of his/her property? This is a tough one and a tough dilemma. Now if I say “I guess it depends on the situation” … this would give stupid immature snowflakes like leftist Antifa an avenue to say, “you see, in justified.” You know what people who are mentally unstable normally do? Yes… they try to fix it!
I believe that the idea of politicising your mental illness is evil and psychopathic and immoral. Now this does not mean that you cannot make the other party understand that “YOU HAVE A MENTAL PROBLEM” … no matter how “big” or “small” your mental problem is. Hence, they should help you to help them so that you don’t punch them in the face. Now, sometimes it’s evident and harsh-speakers are just dense. So yeah … in light of your justified mental illness, punch them. But please, continue to find solutions so that next time, you do not get easily provoked to act physically violently just because someone merely said something offensive.

Lastly, there is the third group of people. The people who are ignorant and don’t know what they’ve got. And I don’t mean “ignorant” in an insulting kind of way; I mean, genuinely ignorant people. For example, did you know that if you have a chronic hate or irritation of the chewing sounds of people you may have a form of #Misophonia? Did you know that your inability to make a choice over certain options could be a sight form of #Aboulomania? Did you know that if you’ve ever hurt yourself or deliberately made yourself physically sick or forced a vomit just for the intentions of proving to someone, like skipping a day off from work or proving a point to your parent/ superior, then you may be suffering from Munchausen Syndrome/ Factitious Disorder? Amidst the hoard ensemble of mental disorders out there, there is one thing that you can do,

“Don’t trust yourself!”

Especially if you know you’ve destroyed in your mind what an #Ideal world would bring. You see, human beings have a higher order of consciousness to live-outside-themselves. So, my only solution for people who are ignorant that they may be suffering some something all-their-lives and cannot escape it,

“Continue to be a good/ great person!”

We are all in the same boat. Nobody’s perfect. Learn rational arguments such as separating “ideaologies” from “people”. Learn social intelligence, logical intelligence, emotional intelligence etc … continue to study and read books. Life may not just be perfect on the inside-mental, it may also be bad on the outside-reality. However, life is 80% how your mentality responds to it.

Stay strong my ignorant friend. You and I and everyone are in the same boat. We are all ignorant of one thing or the other. So rather than give ourselves and Antifa the license to respond with violence to mere words, let us continue to grow, become more mature and stronger to the point of matured independence where the mere words of people never break our bones.


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