With the concern for American Citizens regarding Islamic terrorist activities, the unpredictability of Donald Trump is one mighty deterrent to the Islamic terrorists.

One second Donald is standing in front of congress acting gentle and reserved, the next, he sends a missile to a merely suspected Islamic terrorist site and blows them up.

Sadly, Americans have always had their own in-house terrorists who have #EVIL in their hearts ♥️. The statistics/ facts still stands in the American culture that regions with lesser #GunControl have fewer crime rates. Notice how the shooting maniac in LA was apprehended so quickly? If it was the UK and we had Islamic terrorists like that on the street, the whole street would be closed and it would take us all night to catch mere knife wielders. If we all had free right to bare arms in the UK, im afraid that our British culture couldn’t handle it. Places in London for example with high acid crime rates would become a battlefield for EVIL. British people in general tend to fundamentally value communication, capitalism and conducts of being a gentleman or lady; all as a culture far more than the commands, confusions and compromises fundamental values of the average American.

Not all this is bad. They are “just right” for both individual different cultures all in my very own personal opinions. Now I could explain all my “c’s” listed above but man’s too lazy 😜😏😇

Now lest I get accused for being an “unfeeling” human being because I Lee saying “feelings are OK and facts don’t care about your feelings”. As true as that is, my heart still goes out to the people shot in America in LA. Will I allow my “feelings” to cloud the facts/ statistics? No

Americans need to spread better moral virtues especially via religion and stop resorting to personal just-so commands which lead to the ironic confusion of disunity in a United States that compromises it founding fundamental Christian values of love and prayer.

#RestHard #MyOpinion #WhatDoYouThink?

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