Socialism is the idea that we all share everything. It is the free-giving of resources in a certain social contract structure “just because” you belong.

Socialism without dictatorship (and sometimes tyranny) from either an autonomous or heteronomous leadership is #practically useless because if “everybody” owned and shared “everything” while “everyone” was the leader/ dictator, then there will be conflict of interests which leads to coup d’états or civil wars that eventually destroy socialism; hence, this should be considered if socialism should avoid destroying itself.

By this, Socialism works in places like family homes where the parents lead the children; in charitable and religious organisations and cults/ gangs/ private companies where the campaign of common (good) virtues are shared by all.

Capitalism is forced altruism to all. Capitalism says, “if I don’t do something nice for you, if I don’t take care of you, if I don’t do you a service of value… and mutually get paid for it at a quality-competitive-level… I’m not gonna eat tonight, I might die.” Capitalism puts your wellbeing on equal terms with my wellbeing irrespective of if I have (close) feelings of emotions for you or not.

When socialism is taken to a national scale … in my opinion, it’s evil. Not everyone in a whole nation has the same shared common virtues/ values. Look at Islamic countries for example ruled by the heteronomous caliphate; these countries record that over 90% of their members are Muslims/ Muhammadens. I’m like “really?” You really want me to believe that almost everyone in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 is muslim? Socialism means that the government can command me by force, even at the force of a gun or jail threatening or torture; to offer services to others. Also, look at the socialist ideology of free-rights to housing in South Africa 🇿🇦. Well, statistics tells us that many people practically do not have homes in South Africa. Building contractors and investors don’t want to do quality business in South Africa 🇿🇦 because it’s almost like giving free houses away for the government will force you saying that housing is a free-right, why? Because socialism, when taken to the national level has never worked. Joseph Stalin and all the people he killed even proved it all the more it is. National Socialism is a stupid idea in my opinion.

Now, I criticise Islamic ideology no different than I criticise socialistic ideology and in no way am I slandering the Islamist or the socialist. Ideas are not people. Ideas have facts and people have feelings. Feelings are OK and facts don’t care about your feelings. Also, this is why I believe that if Sweden 🇸🇪 took in refugees based on the mutual social contract of pure capitalism, then rape would not have risen to make Sweden the world’s second rape capital next to South Africa 🇿🇦.

Also, think of it like this, National Socialism is rape but National Capitalism is Consensual sex.

#SayYesToCapitalism #IAmACapitalism #NoToSocialism #RestHard

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