Overnight, a decent Sweden 🇸🇪 became the world’s number 2 capital for rape (next to South Africa 🇿🇦)… why?

Facts = Muslim Immigration
Feelings = Keep silent, close your eyes and ears because you’re still a baby and not matured enough to give the Muslims the respect of calling a spade ♠️ a spade ♠️ and discussing difficult ideologies with them.

There is no logical mutual exclusivity or polarisation between “religion” and “culture – it is well logical that we CAN have logical inclusivity from BOTH “religion” AND “culture”.
This is because there are people who say “it’s a cultural problem and not a religious problem” … as if to indicate some magical exclusion of one to the other.

I personally do not see the logical dichotomy.
I rationalise with the #facts that it is possible that a religion can be influenced by culture and a culture can be influenced by religion. No different do I see the exclusivity between “science” and “music” in what influences a free will human being. It is possible that by understanding “science” you will understand “music” better e.g. Knowing the best frequencies to vibrate the strings of the guitar 🎸. And by understanding music, one can appreciate the aesthetics of science 🔬 from a new dimension. In this context of the cumulative circumstantial causal factors over the responsible freewill of human individuals, many things become mutually inclusive to why the majority immigration of Muslims (not “Asians” as this would be insulting ALL Asians round the world) to Sweden 🇸🇪 is as a result of their Islamic ideology. In my opinion, islam creates the culture because islam claims to be perfect and applicable to all facets of livelihood including, culture.

Now I respect these people because Jesus loves me and died for me while I was still a sinner. Because of my christian ideology, I respect all rapists as human beings that Jesus unconditionally loves and died for. My Heavenly Father loves them, I don’t know why… but I subscribe to HIM. But does this mean that I respect their ideology? No. Jesus didn’t died for an ideology, HE died for people.

There are many Muslims who do not rape other women, modelling and taking their examples from prophet Muhammad (FACT!) … who, in the Islamic ideology must be seen as a pinnacle of morality for raping sex slaves that his “right-hand-possessed”. Ask any muhammaden what “right-hand-possess” means? Or just use your brain and #StudyTheFacts for yourself and see that it means sex slaves acquired who are islamically legally permissible in addition to your legal wife / wives. Good for the Muhammadens that don’t #ActItOut this example from prophet Muhammad. #ThankYou. The problems are those -e.g. In Sweden – who do.

Forgive me to say that I reject the ideology of seeing women as sex objects with whom you can deem a prophet who is to be modelled/ emulated as the best-example for all mankind; who forced many slaves into sex (e.g. Safiyyah and Mariyam). And it is my own opinion, that i respect all #factual indirect rapists who subscribe to the moralness of these Islamic ideologies. I just think you’re wrong and such ideologies are extremely immoral. I think that prophet Muhammad is extremely immoral for possessing sex slaves and asking all of mankind to model his example/ pattern.

If British People cannot look at their muhammaden friends in the eyes, smile with a bit of respect, but still stay anti-fragile, emotionless and factual … and outright call this for the immorality that it is, then I’m afraid that in next 10 years or less, Great Britain will become another Sweden 🇸🇪 and evil Shariah Ław would have completely creeped into our hearts and the hearts of our children 👶🏽.

What caused World War 1? People refusing to openly discuss difficult subjects.
What caused World War 2? People refusing to openly discuss difficult subjects.
What is going to cause World War 3? People still confusing facts with feelings and refusing to discuss difficult subjects with gentleness and respect and amicably agreeing-to-disagree.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, save us from the irrationality of conflating ideologies with people, facts with feelings and disrespectful privatisation and ignorance of opinions from respectfully discussing difficult subjects like matured individuals in Jesus’ name. Amen 🙏🏽

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