PRAYER: Daddy-God, we come before YOUR presence today. We just want to say thank you so much for all the lessons, knowledge and development of last academic year Sunday School, I pray that as YOU have been in the past, so shall YOU also be to us in the future in Jesus’ Name. Help us in this our meeting and let it all be glorious for us right now and forevermore in YOUR Name we pray. Amen

We want to thank the Lord Jesus for all that HE has done for us through out the last Sunday school year. Every distinguished teacher, for all your hard work and efforts to adding to Sunday school and the growth of every single person here, God bless you all in Jesus’ name.

It is time for us now to move on to the next agenda for our meeting today. I shall be taking the minute-of-meeting as well as presenting this to us to rile us into quality and intellectual discussions into improving the Sunday School Department. I shall be in all your care – thank you very much. There are 5 Reviews that I would personally like to bring to our attention so that we can talk about it and figure much better ways to improve on Sunday School in this academic year 2017/2018.

  1. Review on how to enforce the workbook
  2. Review on presentation styles and constructive criticisms
  3. Review on Attendance follow-up
  4. Review on Class Segregation between Children and Adults
  5. Review on Time Management during Sunday School

1. Review on how to enforce the workbook

Last Sunday, Mr Odeditan used his money to pay cash (via me) for his Sunday School manual for himself and his family. Mr Odeditan is representative of every other person too who would be buying Sunday School Manuals plus the workbooks in this church. But before we go on, here is an important question

Question: What do you think of buying and selling during church service? As Sunday School teachers, we are very conversant with the fact that Jesus made a whip and sent all the traders out of HIS Father’s house because Zeal for God consumed HIM. In this “modern-day church” at RCCGPAL, should we be able to sell, pens, papers, Sunday School Manuals etc … during church service? Or should we give materials on lease only to be paid-in-full for after church service? What does the Pastor have to say about this?

Think about how everyone is going to feel when they find out that the Sunday School workbook is useless; something extra-paid on top but not exploited at all. This would make them feel like we are taking advantage of their money and not really using their investment into great use. I would personally not like to be part of such a church that does that. This is why I believe that it is important that we consider enforcing the workbook. Here are some ways I have proposed that we enforce the workbook.

  • tell the church to hand in their Sunday school workbook before service
  • encourage others to buy their own workbook if they have not already
  • congratulate those who have done well and gotten high marks after marking it after service either during the announcement or at the end of Sunday school

Question: Which one do you think is better. Congratulate high marks at the end of a Sunday school session or during announcements?

  • encourage those who have not been able to do their workbook yet to do it
  • give prizes and certificates during the quarterly review


2. Review on presentation styles and constructive criticisms

Now let me bring up to presentation style and constructive criticisms. The reason I have joined up both of them is that as Sunday School teachers, this is all that we do; we present. Additionally, we require improving better and better by getting feedback as constructive criticisms whenever we present. This is to see constructive criticism, not as an African-Style disrespect to those of higher authority … but to see constructive criticism as a test from God of our innate desire to learn, to be students. If there is nobody in the Sunday School department that is not ready to learn and receive constructive criticism, we politely ask you to find one way or the other to exempt yourself from being a teacher in this church as you maybe lacking a teachable-spirit. You can also ask for help and counselling and we are here for each other to “humbly” make ourselves “humble”.

This is what I am proposing this year; it is not going to be feasible or sustainable to be writing criticisms on the WhatsApp group … I recommend that we do this informally by talking to ourselves face-to-face, its SIMPLE. We need to meet also, once a month to educate ourselves on our presentation styles. Most of the time, we engage using just speaking … and there are videos, newspapers, books etc that we can present to the class and use those times as an avenue to make the Church Library flourish. What is the point of having a (Sunday) School without a (Sunday) library?


3. Review on Attendance follow-up

We have been highly successful with how we faithfully use our Sunday School Attendance book. Does everyone know how we use it? Here is a brief explanation on how we use it:

If members are punctual to Church, they get two bars that look like this /\, which equates to 3 marks. If they arrive late at Sunday School by the time the first Outline is finished, they get one bar that looks like this /, which equates to 2 marks. They are absent for Sunday School or show up after Sunday School is over, that’s a dash that looks like this -, which equates to 0 marks. If they hand in their workbooks at any time, and by “anytime”, I mean “anytime”, then we are to trace the attendance to that date and award them one bar that looks like this |, which equates to 1 mark. So someone that is early and hands in their workbook could be getting this symbol /|\ which would be 4 marks in total. This will revolutionalise Sunday school attendance in the coming academic year.

However, this topic is not about Sunday School Attendance, but about how we ought to follow up and push our students into success as the highly effective, good and hardworking teachers that we are. This means walking to our Students and conversing with them that we want to see them early next time. An example conversation could be:

“Sir/ Miss, how are you? You look so blessed today. I noticed that you did not come in today on time” or “I noticed that you did not come last week” or “for the last few weeks” … you are a great student, let me just encourage you to continue working hard and putting in more effort to come in earlier next time”

Activity: Any comments on how this conversation can better take place?

By doing this, I believe that our Students will see that we care for them and we always want to see the best come out from them. Plus they will see that we really want to do a great, quality job, not for them… but for Jesus.


4. Review on Class Segregation between Children and Adults

We all know that if the devil wants to destroy our future, all that the devil has to do is to kill our seed. Our seeds are our Children. As teachers, we are imparters. This is what we do, we impart. More and More, we do our best to make other people like Jesus. The Children are not like the adults. They need a scoring system. We need capital to be able to start this. They need a whiteboard to write on. They need their own projector so that they can watch proper christian children’s programmes. They need a portfolio, pen, paper to draw. They need materials.

However, how are we going to convince the parents to buy and invest these materials into the children? This means that we need to be serious about our children no matter the size of the grow-ups in Church. The Children’s Department needs a very comprehensive, school-like, system that can keep them.


5. Review on Time Management during Sunday School

The bible says, not me, but the bible, in James 3:1 NLT that

“Dear Brothers and Sisters, ot many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly.”

So, my dear honourable fellow teachers, I do not want to be rude or disrespectful to you and we need a better method on time strictness as teachers. I am surprised that the pastor has not disciplined us. We are teachers, we are to be judged more strictly. What I personally appreciate is the continual effort that we show as we stride towards time-keeping. We know that not all the points can be said in a short time. So what can we do about that? We can tell the students that time is not on our side and that they can talk to you after church. Secondly, I am planning to create a vlog/ podcast via lovelogo-ministries where we can all meet and talk in full length about the Sunday school lesson so that in the future we can refer our students there. <—don’t say this

Lastly, I want to draw our attention to the fact that people tend to talk too much sometimes. To combat this, I want to propose that you have the right as a teacher to cut off your student and carry on with your class. No disrespect to them. This is your time they’re using, not their time. Be kind to them and say, “…thank you for that, I will have to cut you short…” In that case, someone else should hold the mic and not the person speaking so that they do not take the mic hostage etc. Nobody will do that because this is a church of love and peace but proceedures is paramount.