I have been thinking about the #BarkaBan or #HijabBan and the issues of the debate happening around that. I came to find out a story of a Muslim woman in America who sued a Policeman for stopping her on the road and asking to see her details. She went on a radio show only to slur the policeman all the more. This was a woman and a mother of 4 (I believe). She used the "racist" rhetoric tactics, "white supremacist" rhetoric tactic etc on the policeman while verbally insulting the American Policeman. How do we know this? You see, in court, she accused the policeman of trying to forcibly remove her Hijab when demanding to see her face. He didn't. We know this because of the video footage from the policeman's car showed the video footage of what actually happened. He was respectful and clam to her all the way through out her continuous perpetual angry insults.

She was sent to jail from court for telling lies and trying to send another policeman to jail. She even tried saying that she was not the one in the video when she saw she was loosing the case – trying the Double Body Stunt Tactic. The lawyer-advocate (also a Muslim – which means nothing, but I just felt like saying it – take my word for it), appealed that she be let free for the sake of her little 4 children. The reporter asked, "what about the sake of the Policeman?" and presumably his career, life and children? The lawyer-advocate replied and I paraphrase "she's a mother".

Lol … so much for gender equality of opportunities 😂😂😂 … that's not s logical answer. Wanting us to have mercy on the woman based on our heart-strings that she's female but engage our non-heart – i.e., Logical Brain Drums – for the policeman 👮🏽 just because he's a Father or man 😂😂😂 …

This news was such a heavy blow to the muslim community in America that the Fatwa was made by the general muslim leaders that if a person of authority asks you to reveal your face for security reasons, do it.

Wow! Really? All it took was for a religion to give a new fatwa for Muslim women to be compliant? So much for separation of church-and-state… out the window.

Coming over to the British Community. I agree. I listened to some of Nigel Farage's argument for the Burka/ Hijab and I agree with him. While Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan advocates like the lawyer above, to play on British People's heart-strings in the harp of British tolerance, multiculturalism and diversity of this Great-Great Nation; Nigel Farage seems to really appeal for coherent equality of treatments in our moral law commands. He asks, "Why is it that I cannot walk into a Bank with a Balaclava without being treated the same way as a Muslim woman in a Burka in the same bank?"; "Why is it that in common shopping places like Tesco, guys wearing an ordinary hood or biker's helmet are commanded to take them off, thereby treating them differently than women in Burka. I read the story of a girl in a university lecture who refused to remove her hat 🎩 unless the another girl in the same lecture room was equally told to remove her Hijab. No, I am not discriminating against Muslims. Don't be irrational. Listen, I am discriminating against an unfair double standard in the way we give moral preference to certain people when we are supposed to equal as human beings under God!

Sadiq Khan and his favour of Multiculturalism is Segway to Identity Politics or Social Politics where the laws for a certain "identity of people" or "social sects" or people or "culture" of people are treated differently.

I would hate to not just see Shariah Ław institutionalised in our Politics but to also never ever see any sympathy for Shariah Ław institutionalised in our hearts. Only the foundation of the Judeo-Christian values makes Britain 🇬🇧 Great. No other shariah-value has made any country this great. Let us go bad to equality for all under God.

Now what should happen to make equality really equality. These are my opinions and I hope to hear what you too may have to say.

1.) Either banks or shops like Tescos or other business organisations start allowing people in hoodies/ biker's helmet/ Balaclavas the way they want to equally allow the Burka


2.) these organisations ban the burkas/ Hijab said the equally same way they ban hoodies or balaclavas.

It's your choice.

Personally, I'm not an advocate of telling people what to wear. I just want the way we tell people what to wear to be equal for all – that, I believe, is the most human thing to do. Remember, I'm not Baning the use of biker's helmets on he streets, neither am I not banning the use of balaclavas in your house for your own fancy-practices … I hope you also see that this is the same way I don't want to ban the burka under a law of equality. Enjoy your Burka under the territory of your own authorities until a fair-authority comes along and tells you the policies of its own territories … when that time comes, obey the American Muslim Fatwa and take off your Burka and Show your face. Enjoy your Shariah Controlled zones in your mosques and homes … we respect that … it's the legal territory of your authority. I will always condemn any organisation that will treat the culture of the Burka differently while treating the culture of the hoodie, biker's helmet and balaclava differently.

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